37 jaw-dropping facts about Japan

Japan is an amazing country with exceptionally fascinating culture, traditions and history. Every foreigner is astonished by Japan’s many curiosities.

Facts about Japan:

  1. As much as 127 million people live in Japan! That’s 10th in the world in population.
  2. Japan is the real economic giant. It has the third most powerful economy in the world after the United States and China.
  3. Japan lies on 6800 islands, 4 of which, Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku and Hokkaido make 97% of the country’s territory.
  4. Japan is an exceptionally mountainous land with 29 mountain chains. As much as 70% of the territory is hilly. The land owes that to the exceptionally active tectonic ground, which distorted the surface.
  5. Mount Fiji is not only the highest mountain, but also an active volcano. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions and according to the scientists, it may.
  6. That is not the only tourist attraction of the country. There’s as many as 200 volcanoes in Japan, out of which 80 is active! It’s all because Japan lies in the junction of four tectonic plates.
  7. There are 4 writing systems in Japan: romaji, katakana, hiragana and kanji.
  8. Japanese constitution includes an entry about completely disavowing any wars and aggression.
  9. Sumo is Japan’s national sport.
  10. Japanese savoir vivre is very complex and knotty. Slurping is considered a compliment to the chef. It is said to mean “this dish is exquisite”.
  11. Japan is the biggest consumer of tropical rain forests wood. That’s the price they pay for quick economic development.
  12. There’s as many as 1500 earthquakes registered every year in Japan. Thankfully, the citizens don’t feel most of them.
  13. Japanese people are blessed with perfect health. There are more than 50 thousand people above 100 years old!
  14. Karaoke means “empty orchestra”.
  15. When the floor in a Japanese house rises, it means that you should take off your shoes before going there.
  16. Japanese chefs are true masters. To professionally prepare fugu fish you need intensive training that can last as long as… 11 years.
  17. Do you associate geishas with women? The first geishas were actually… men
  18. Japanese companies care about their employee’s health. They organize morning exercises before work.
  19. Raw horse meat is a very popular dish in Japan.
  20. Japan has the world’s second smallest indicator of murders. It’s only 0.5 murders per 100 thousand citizens. Also, only 2 records of gun use are noted in a year.
  21. Tokyo and the neighbouring towns makes the biggest metropolis in the world. Almost 35 million people live there!
  22. Tokyo alone is populated by 13 million people.
  23. Tokyo is the second priciest city in the world.
  24. The most expensive tuna in the world was sold in Japan for 735 thousand dollars
  25. Blowing out your nose in public is seen as being impolite.
  26. Fun fact for animal lovers. In Japan, there are cafeterias where you can play with cats and dogs.
  27. The only foreign language taught in schools is English.
  28. Japan is the only country in the world against which atomic bomb was used.
  29. Even the Japanese snowman is exotic. It’s made of two, not three balls.
  30. Sake, the Japanese specialty, is made from fermented rice. It’s the favorite liquor of Japanese.
  31. The first fortune cookie was made in XIX century in Kyoto. Now it’s famous around the world.
  32. Kyoto is a special spiritual city. There’s over 1600 shrines there.
  33. Until 2015 there was a law in Japan that banned dancing in public in late night hours.
  34. The oldest company in the world was located in Japan, it was functioning from 578 until 2006.
  35. Japanese railway is the most punctual in the world. The average delay is only 18 seconds.
  36. The Land of the Raising Sun is filled with curiosities. For example, you can see square watermelons there.
  37. In Japan, there is more animals than children.

Japan is an exciting county and there are a number of astonishing facts.
If you are a foreigner already living in Japan, try to learn a lot about the country, culture
and possibly learn the language before finally moving from Japan back to your home country! If you are thinking of moving to Japan in the future, be prepared for all the nice surprises you will experience during your stay.

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