Bali – everything you want to know about it

Bali is different from the rest of the world. Bali is visited by millions of tourists and almost everybody is amazed and able to find something for himself/herself. What should you know about this fascinating part of the world? Why is Bali unique? Check it for yourself!

First of all – a unique island of Indonesia

On Bali, everything is different from neighboring places and other parts of the world. Starting from religion, through habits and local people to architecture. What stands out here is a rich world of spirits, Hinduism interspersed with animism and myths. Religious rituals are practised by the whole population of the island – literally! And the manifestation of those practices is extremely colorful.

Second of all – what is Bali like?

Bali is a relatively small island. Its only covers the are of 5.6 thousand km2. It is 145 kilometres long and 80 kilometres wide. In this small part of the Earth, there are one of the most beautiful beaches on our globe. The diversity of the landscape is truly amazing. We can admire wild thick jungles, exceptionally green rice terraces, beautiful hills and valleys and magnificent lakes glued to the mountain slopes.

Third of all – no skyscrapers!

Architecture is an indispensible part of such a spectacular landscape. What is interesting, it is not allowed to construct a building which would be higher than a palm. Initially a habit, it has already been turned into the law. All the buildings located on Bali reach two floors at maximum. The law applies to international chains of hotels which bring a lot of money, too.

Fourth of all – in the direction of the Holy Mountain

There are no skyscrapers and European buildings even in the old capital of the island – Singaraja. Petrol stations and supermarkets have characteristic Balinese thatch roofs. Everything is constructed according to a unique architectural style. Each house is aligned along a single axis and directed towards Mount Agung which is considered to be sacred. It also needs to have a special gate which prevents the ghosts from getting inside. There are many such symbols here.

Fifth of all – what are the inhabitants of the island like?

As a traveller and historian Witold Gawlikowski says, ‘Balinese religion is very complex and at the same time it plays a huge role in the islanders’ life. The world in which they live has many dimensions and even a simple farmer who grows rice his entire life needs to comprehend everything in order to follow the rules. There are simple opposites like good and evil but also abstract concepts, philosophical senses and symbols. Their life and the perception of the world is much richer than what an average tourist notices. They can see things we do not notice.’

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