Burma (Myanmar) – What you should know.

Nature. Inle Lake. 22 km long, 11 km wide at its widest point, 160 thousand. residents of 450 villages. All on the water. Viewing them is best from a boat. It should start as early as possible in the morning. Then you can see the fishermen returning from night fishing.

Sightseeing. Bagan. Gorgeous. There are more than 2000 temples in a quite small space. Temples come in many styles and sizes, and it makes an electrifying impression. Best explored by bicycle. Tickets ($10) are valid for an unlimited period.

Shwedagon Paya. A huge temple in Yangon. Always full of devout Burmese. Temple dripping with gold and splendor, which quite strongly contrasts with the rest of the city.

Around Mandalay – Amarapura, Sagaing, Inwa, U Bein’s Bridge. Great places for a day trip. Amarpur is a Buddhist monastery, where every morning you can see thousands of monks eating breakfast together. Sagaing is a temple hill. Inwa are historic buildings, and the U Bein’s Bridge – the world’s longest teak bridge (best seen during sunset).

Culture. Moustache Brothers performance in Mandalay. It’s a kind of cabaret, which is officially banned by the government. It criticizes the government and the situation in Burma. $8 per person. Every cabbie in Mandalay knows how to get there.

Trekking. Around Hsipaw. It is a small mountain village on East from Mandalay. A good place to see how the Burmese people live. Surrounding villages can be explored on foot or by bike. The guide can be arranged on the spot by the guesthouse.

Shopping. When it comes to shopping, Burma is definitely not Kuala Lumpur. In Yangon and Mandalay there are a few shops with Western goods, but the selection is small. You can buy souvenirs in front of one of the temples in Bagani or on the market at Inle Lake.

Who will like it. It is certainly not the country to which you go to rest, because traveling around Burma is quite tiring. Will appeal to those who have already seen some Asian countries and the heavier than in neighboring countries traveling conditions won’t scare them. Appeals to lovers of the temples (there are thousands in Burma), photographers (very photogenic country) and those who are looking for something more authentic.

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