Which hammock should you buy on a trip?

For a single person the case is very simple. The base – hammock plus tarp 3×3 m. What model of the hammock whoever chooses it’s one’s business – there are different versions, with mosquito nets and without additional masts etc. It is worth to complete the set in the transport sleeve, two large climbing hooks, two small hooks for rubber lines of mosquito nets and whoopie sling so quickly hang a hammock.

For two people costs are rising 😉 Two hammocks, plus two Tarpy 3×3 or one 4,5×3 m. I warn you in advance, that for the second option hammocks must be hung close together and without unilateral base in the form of a car – it can be problematic outside the forest. The selection must be made by yourself, you can buy a tarp 3×3 and the other 4,5×3 – so depending on the conditions – we can develop an appropriate system. The set course worth buying hooks and whoopie sling.

There are also special SuperLight systems, where the weight of the entire set of hammock + mosquito nets + tarp does not exceed one kilogram, and the whole thing fits in your militias pocket. They are dedicated to people alone travelling aroumd the world by bicycle, lovers of lonely hiking, etc. Everywhere where every gram counts – there such a set is priceless.

At the end, something about the prices. It is not cheap. Frontline set hammock tarp + 3×3 + Sleeve + climbing carabiners are over $ 200, and the two people getting no small amount. But something for something – get a solid set that will be used for years and provides excellent quality of sleep. Tent in the price of $ 200 is just the beginning of good quality and durability.

incredible sleeping comfort
ni condensation of moisture (as on the walls of tents)
low weight
on the campground there is no fee from the hammock (and from the tents is)

you need a tree to hang
initially time consuming putting up
difficulty entering the hammock
weakening of the thermal insulation of the sleeping bag by squeezing it over a wider area
the price of the whole set

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