Is Vienna A Safe Place to Visit?

Austria, also known as the proud home of Mozart, established as a cultural epicenter, is the European capital that has the lowest crime rates since the inhabitants of the city confirm that Vienna is a safe city. Nonetheless, before embarking on your Viennese adventure, you needn’t drop your guard (entirely) as, after all you’re traveling to a major European capital. Even though crime is low in Vienna, it is still recognized as crime.

Avoid being an easy target

Although the Viennese aren’t likely to rob tourists, in fact, I believe hell would freeze twice before that happens; Vienna is, among many others, a multicultural city. In other words, you’ll find people from Eastern Europe, as well as immigrants. Not to mention that the focal areas that lure pickpockets to excel at their tactics.

Thereupon, before leaving your hotel, we recommend you to consider leaving your identity card, and valuables at your accommodation. Since the majority of housing premises in Austria are equipped with modern facilities, it’s 100 percent safe to opt for this approach, as opposed to being robbed on the street.

Keep an eye out for helpful strangers

You should pay attention to con artists, as well as the common, unseen pickpockets. Many of these individuals pretend to be unusually helpful, offering assistance if you seem lost, or pretending to have accidentally stained your clothes. These are all standard; typical strategies pickpockets turn to in an attempt to lure tourists.

Hot Spots

It’s true that the unequaled Austrian capital is governed by ravishing Baroque constructions, spotless green lawns, excellently-maintained museums and music halls. Notwithstanding, it’s also true that there are some crowded areas, in which you should be more precautious.

The Ringstrasse, for instance, is the most important street of the city, encompassing a compilation of stunning buildings and monuments. Nonetheless, since many tourists are drawn to this beautiful area like bees to honey, the area is packed with people, always. Hence, that makes it the ideal spot for pickpockets who take your belongings and then vanish into the crowd. Since the flow of people is ever-growing and moving, there’s no way you can trace someone.

In areas such as the Ringstrasse and other hot spots, keep an eye out for people who affirm that they are plain clothes police. Until the person claiming your identification doesn’t verify that he/she is actually a member of the police department.

About Vienna Airport transfers

If you’re nervous about getting to your accommodation by bus or train, because of the large crowds of tourists, it’s best to choose your Vienna Airport transfers wisely. Booking your private transportation in advance is a recommendable practice if you wish to arrive at your hotel safely and promptly. A professional driver will meet you right at the hotel, and you’ll have chosen a legit company you can trust. At the same time, if you book your drives in advance, you can take advantage of a special discount, as well as flexible cancellation policy.



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