Power Bank – an excellent gadget for holiday

Gone are the days when we charged our phones once a week and photos were developed in a photo studio. Nowadays we have a lot of devices which need to be charged and the more modern a device, the more energy it uses. We take a couple of such devices on holiday: we take pictures of our family with the help of a smartphone or a tablet, some of us have a camera or a video camera. All these devices run out of energy in the least expected moments and places: on the beach, while walking through the forest, on a boat. Obviously, in such places we won’t find a socket into which we could plug a charger. And that’s when Power Bank comes to our aid.

What is Power Bank?

Power Bank is called a portable battery charger. In fact, Power Bank is just a battery (lithium-ion or lithium-polymer one), the same as we have in our smartphones. This very battery can be charged at home in the same way as we charge our tablet or a phone and then we can take it with us. Then, if we want to charge a device in a place where there is no electricity, we can easily do it.

What is mAh?

A milliampere hour is measure used to describe electric battery capacity. An average smartphone has a capacity of approximately 2000-2500 mAh. Power Banks have different capacities: the bigger a battery, the more times we can use it to charge our device.

How to choose Power Bank?

Everything depends on our needs. If we want to charge a few devices or we know that we will be far from sockets for an extended period of time, we should choose a battery with a bigger capacity (e.g. 1040 mAh). But if we want to charge a phone every now and then, a smaller battery (e.g. 5600 mAh) will be enough.

However, one should remember that if the capacity of Power Bank equals 6000 mAh, it doesn’t mean that we will be able to charge our smartphone which has a capacity of 2000mAh three times. Power Banks always have some energy losses and how much they lose depends on the quality of the device. Therefore it’s better to buy a device produced by a reputable company.

Not without significance is also weight and size of our portable battery. Ideally, it should not occupy too much space and be light – it’s easy to transport then. This is women who pay particular attention to it as they do not want their Power Bank to take too much space in their bags.

I prefer choose Xiaomi power banks.

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