Private Aircraft Charter Flight Service

And so if once get past the crowds at the airports, mile-long queues to check in and hundreds of meters wandered from the terminal to the terminal just to catch the second flight … and take the private plane.

There is a growing number of people who do not need to leave on organised trips to explore, relax or simply to travel.
Many travel agencies offer on their websites the possibility to book the air ticket without having to buy the whole package. We are talking about charter flights to popular European destinations, such as Turkey, Greece, Italy and Croatia. It is also worth to remember about the growing intercontinental offer flights to Asia, Central America or Africa. Once you make a decision, “We’re going!”, You should know some facts about the charters.

Charter Tickets are available only at the sides of tour operators or travel agents. This means that you will not find them anywhere else. No one has created a website, where we can buy charter flights tickets from all the travel agents yet.

Here surprise – travel agencies run a different pricing policy than the airlines. The airline usually offers a lower price when clients are pre-planning their trips in advance. In the case of charters the cheapest tickets are these, bought in the last minute offer. But you can hit the really spectacular occasions even a few days before the departure.

You should check the available luggage weight while booking a ticket. Low cost is usually connected with additional fee for more baggage. When it comes to charters, main luggage and hand luggage are included in the price – usually 15 or 20 kg per person.
When we check flights, we’ll make sure how much luggage we can take for free. We should remember to pay attention to the distance to a destination from the hotel and how to get there.
For cheap flights we will still need cheap accommodation. After all, packaging!

We recommend too Private Aircraft Charter Flight Service.

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