Selection and charter of a yacht.

When thinking about a yacht to choose you should, most of all, consider its size, what is essential to you to feel good, whether you want to sail in comfort or board the yacht to its fullest in order to split the charter cost among a larger group of people. Decide on number of bathrooms and cabins, which items of equipment are important to you and who has appropriate qualifications and will navigate the chosen yacht.

Ship-owners from all across the world act and charter their yachts trough the network of yacht charter brokers. Also in Poland there are many of such companies. We are one of them. It is false to believe that getting in touch with a ship-owner directly helps to save money. Usually it is counter-productive. Ship-owners often take advantage of such encounters. Keep in mind that a solid charter company is yours, not a ship-owner’s agent; that is because a good charter broker usually cooperates with many ship-owners and having a good grasp on his role, cares about you most of all and not about ship-owner’s continuous satisfaction. On a whole system works in such a way that both a ship-owner and a yacht charter broker offer the same prices, discounts, conditions etc. The same applies to us. Naturally, we leave choosing the agent up to you while at the same time we recommend our offer which consists of 1000 yachts available all over the world to select from and long experience in organising company events and cruises for individual customers.

Using a yacht charter broker is advantageous because of wide array of yachts he can choose not just from one but dozens of ship-owners. Therefore you can easily compare yachts, prices and select departure port.

It is particularly important since price depends on a period during which the yacht is being chartered (it is considerably cheaper off-peak season) and also on its type, year of production and equipment.

Comparing the prices alone is not entirely objective for the rejected €100 more expensive yacht may be equipped in facilities capable of making sailing easier or may provide us with standard and level of luxury we have just expected. Additional shower on deck for rinsing off salt water after swim without necessity of going under-deck, electric winch and TV or DVD are good examples of such facilities.

Yachts can be chartered for weekly periods of time with full kitchen, hotel and navigation equipment and with safety instruments already on deck. Prices are in EURO and include weekly charter. On deck you will find plates, pots, cutlery, sheets, blankets. Towels are charged for separately. It is worth checking whether the price includes cleaning service performed after cruise. Some companies tend to lover overall charter price by rendering cleaning an extra service. Beside charter price the resort tax of €1/pp/day also has to be taken into consideration as well as a fuel price and fees for mooring in marinas which range from €40 to €80 for a yacht per day. While staying at a marina you gain unlimited access to stationary toilets and showers, water supplies for refuelling and electricity (220 V). Remember not to use toilets in a marina because usually they lack separate containers and all the waste goes to water.

After you choose your yacht, we will take care of all paper formalities. Charter payment is divided into two instalments. The first one in couple of days after making reservation (usually 50% of a price) the second no later than 6 – 4 months prior to departure.

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