Skiing in Japan

On the Japanese island of Hokkaido for avid skiers there are waiting routes of Niseko resort. Apparently, just on the local trails there is the lightest, the most fluffy snow in the world, which is largely thanks to the regular strong Siberian winds. The ski season lasts from December to May, and the annual falls here 590 cm of snow. It’s very easy to get to the town from all the surrounding resorts, which is an another incentive for anyone who would like to test their skiing skills in exotic country.
Currently, Niseko is the most famous ski resort in Japan. It is visited by many tourists from all around the world, including a large number of Australians who have significantly contributed to the development of the center and the popularization of skiing and snowboarding in the area. In 2008, first it became known to a wider audience – was on the top 10 list of the world’s finest ski resorts. It was ranked sixth position, eliminating the other “novices”.

Niseko – adrenaline and great views

Niseko is a unique place, located on the slopes of Niseko-Annupuri. It is a combination of several independent ski resorts (Niseko Village, Grand Hirafu and Annupuri), which can be recognized by the acquisition of one ski pass. Purchase of 1-day ski pass Niseko All Mountain Pass costs ¥5000. Another advantage is that you do not have to remove the skis to move smoothly between routes. These centers together make up more than 2,000 acres of ski areas known as the Niseko United. More than 60 ski supports more than 30 lifts mostly gondolas and chair lifts. Between the lower lying areas of the smaller ski, buses run regularly.
In the immediate vicinity of the main centers of the ministry there are other, often not included on the maps, areas. One of them is Sannozaka, tempting high quality snow, but at the same time not completely safe because of the high risk of avalanches. Huge challenge for lovers of adrenaline is also Higashi One, also prone to avalanches, but still attracting many people. Cross-country skiers will be interested to route extending through the forest – Strawberry Fields is perhaps the most famous cross-country track in Niseko.

Midnight craziness on Japanese slopes

Resort offers visitors not only excellent skiing conditions and well-organized infrastructure. In Niseko you can perfectly ride at both the day and night. The trails are perfectly lit, and some of them run through a birch forest, which adds to them the charm and scenic beauty. Besides this, the routes are well protected against the cold wind whipping. They are perfect for skiers and snowboarders. The longest runs 5600 meters and the highest slope is 37 °. Trails for beginners is 30%, the same routes waiting for professionals, and 40% are routes for intermediate skiers.
Snow fans visiting the resort have the opportunity to explore the area with an experienced guide. Niseko tempts them also by tours by helicopter. Among other things, you can thus reach the summit Makkari Nupuri, stratovolcano visible from the trails of the resort.

A good idea for all seasons

Initially, Niseko was known primarily as a winter sports resort. Gradually it is gaining more and more fame as a center with a diverse range of summer activities, attracting tourists interested in active recreation in the summer. Today tempts next guests with the possibility of playing tennis, golf, horse riding and fishing, and kayaking, rafting, trekking and cycling. And this is only a fraction of entertainment that you can find here. Growing each year the percentage of visitors from around the world has led to the gradual extension of the offer Après Ski. Regular bus services allow tourists to the free choose of the time at which they wish to end the partying, and get to the hotel at any time. One such line is Kutchan Night Go bus, riding between the station and the Grand Hirafu Kutchan. The course costs ¥100.
Eager to explore the slopes of Niseko should have wider skis or a slightly longer board for snowboarding. Reasonably will also stock up on cash, because most shops and restaurants do not accept the credit cards. In between follies on the routes it is worth a trip to the nearby cities of Otaru and Sapporo. However we will plan the stay in this resort, we will be happy to stay in this beautiful area with fantastic views.

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