Idea for an overnight stay

The question of where to sleep and how much to pay for it is one of the main concerns of novice travelers. An overnight stop doesn’t have to be our main expense, require hours of search and hinder our plans.

Sleeping with the locals

It’s an option which doesn’t require any planning – sometimes it’s enough to sit on a curb of the main crossroads or respond to the interest visible in the eyes of a passenger using public transportation. Some nights spent at recently met natives’ places can be really spectacular…

How else can one describe a night spent in a poor Berber house in Taddert, Morocco in the Atlas Mountains to which one was invited in a local teahouse after it turned out that the only hotel in the town had been closed for 2 days? Or if a hitchhiker spends a night in a Kurdish house and the invitation was received during a crazy night drive in a lorry?

The most interesting overnight stops with the locals are usually the results of amazing coincidences and the hosts very often do not realize that their offer is a lifeline. An invitation isn’t typically connected with any desire to earn money – quite the opposite.

Meals which hosts provide their guests with are usually a sign of selfless interest in the comers from foreign lands. That’s why such hosts are ready to help with organizing the next day and allow you to use their washing machine as well as devote their free time to show you attractive places nearby.

How to travel like a local for your next vacations?

Travelers often spend hours planning their trip reading guide books or booking an all inclusive journey through a tour operator. As a result, they end up having pretty much the same overrated experience. Travel like the locals live offers endless possibilities to discover new places to visit and travel like never before. Check more on

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