A walk around Budapest

Two years ago I went to Budapest with my brother, and he still considers it his favorite city. But I had my doubts, and thought that after all, there are better places, and I will find them. Now, after a visit at the beginning of July, I have to admit that he was right. Could we call Budapest the greatest city in Europe?

I’m writing this with full knowledge that I’ve been to quite a few nice looking, and sometimes even amazing places, but it’s simply the most beautiful in Budapest. The city is quiet, clean, normal, green. It’s quite possibly the coolest place I had the pleasure to be in. Maybe I was just lucky, but there weren’t even any tourists.
I feel like Budapest is like Paris 40 years ago, the Paris which everyone yearns for and remembers. It’s a city in which it’s nice to take a walk in, a city in which it’s easy to find a nice eating place and a beautiful view just for yourself. There aren’t any typical easy to remember symbols such as the Eiffel Tower in Budapest, since the Parliament is a lot more difficult to draw, but if you’d like to feel the Paris-like atmosphere without spending thousands on the trip, and most of all, without smelling the stench of the Paris metro, then I invite you to the capital of Hungary. It’s not even a little worse.
Before, I didn’t pay much attention, but this time I noticed a lot of Art Nouveau architecture. From this style, the most known is Barcelona and their most important architect: Antoni Gaudi. However, in Budapest, you will also find beautiful buildings, incredibly decorated and constructed on a grand scale. Not only the Gellert Baths and Five Seasons hotel, simply take a walk across the pest and in the areas of the Parliament, just try not taking pictures of every single building. It’s hard not to.
But the most important thing is that Budapest is a normal, but at the same time beautiful city, not an amusement park for tourists. I just hope that it will remain like this for a while, since I will be returning there. You should try it, too.

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