Wedding in Dominican Republic – how to organize it?

If you have always dreamed about a wedding in an intimate atmosphere, surrounded by sandy beach, clear water and exotic palm trees and flowers, Dominican Republic should be your best choice. Especially, that all the paper work is not as complicated as you would think.

Wedding in Dominican Republic – organization
The truth is, that all local people had a great idea for opening a business, and most of the hotels have in a special wedding offer. You can also hire a local company, who deals with the wedding organisations, or try out a special offer called
 Luxury wedding packages. In the case of the hotels, you have to be very careful, and you have to really accurately ask about everything. Not once or twice, I have seen a wedding on the beach in Dominican Republic, at which there was a crowd of mad tourists in their swimming suits taking selfies and walking around newly-weds.

How does the wedding in Dominican Republic looks like?
At the start we have to make clear one important thing: in Dominican Republic, contrary to what you see in travel agencies folders, there is not always sunny weather. We have here the dry season and the rainy season, but sometimes on the dry season there are days on which your make up will flow down from your face along with the rain. Generally, from November to March you should be safe enough to avoid weather surprises and all other disasters. For the addition: in Dominican Republic everybody
 understand fact, that no one wants to get married in the rainy day, so most of the time there are no issues with the movement of the day of the ceremony. But the best thing to do is to always ask about everything before, because you never know what may happen to you.
The next thing, our lovely paper work. First of all: civil wedding in Dominican Republic is officiated by
 Justices of the Peace. And now pay attention: Ceremony must be in Spanish language(that is the law). If you do not speak Spanish, then you have to hire an interpreter.
Secondly: You have to organise lots of essential documents and have them translated before getting married-
 of course by the Sworn Interpreter- to Spanish language. There is no way around without Apostille. You can get it from The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Last time when I check it, it was on Szucha Street in Warsaw). One more thing: documents are only valid 90 days, so please keep that in mind, when planning wedding.

What will you need?
1. Birth Certificate
2. Marital Status Certificate
3. If one of you have been married in the past, then you would need a proof of the surname change, divorce or death of ex-partner- not needed
4. Passports- yours and bridesmaid & best man’s. Speaking of bridesmaid and best man…

Bridesmaid and Best Man on the wedding in Dominican Republic
In Dominican Republic, your best man/bridesmaid cannot be a member of your family. I repeat: nobody from the family. And that’s the end. Full stop. There is no way around it, so don’t you even try.

What you can never, ever wear for the wedding on the beach.
I abide you: suit and multi layered dress- is the worst thing, what you can do to yourself in this beautiful day. Especially, when you
 fulfils it with the shoes full of sand. Wear something made from the light material: it will be much comfortable, and also you will not boil yourself in the Dominican Sun.

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