What is worth seeing in New York?

5th Avenue

I think everyone associates the New York’s 5th Avenue. Here are placed some of the most expensive shops, countless salons of famous fashion designers and restaurants branded with the names of the stars of show business. On the “Fifth Avenue” you can really feel the wealth. The downside of this place are however countless crowds of tourists by whom you have to literally squeeze between.

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Central Park

Central Park is the heart of New York City. I guarantee, that every visitor will here recognize their favourite place known for its numerous Hollywood films. This is where Chuck and Nate were running in the Gossip Girl movie, here in New York lonely Kevin was hiding from thugs. Through Central Park walked Spiderman, Superman, Hulk, Brad Pitt, Arnold Schwarzenegger and a whole galaxy of movie stars and the silver screen.

Times Square

Believe it or not, but Times Square is the hated place by New Yorkers. Eternally crowded, noisy Times Square is widely avoided by the residents of New York, but it attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. It is really intriguing place and everyone should get in there, to form their own opinion about this place. My favourite spot on Times Square is a TV just next to the small Starbucks coffee shop on which appears an advertisement suggesting tourists to kiss their boyfriend / girlfriend / cat. You will not believe how many tourists will kiss and clap under the screen.

Union Square and 14th Street

New York is the city jungle – but it gets a whole new meaning in the famous Union Square. An ideal place to watch formidable New Yorkers visiting located in here, “Farmer’s Market”. You can meet here oddly dressed people, artists, people playing guitar and a guy dancing with the chicken wearing only panties. This place lives by its own rhythm and that’s what makes it unique.

Wall Street- Business Section

New York’s famous Wall Street with the sky reaching skyscrapers. No one probably needs no introduction to the place where the economy of the whole world is operated. Located on the Wall Street stock market with the gigantic American flag overlapping façade, is probably one of the most recognizable symbols of NY.

World Trade Center

The newly rebuilt World Trade Center Tower has now become the main attraction of Lower Manhattan. 541m high tower is clearly visible from almost any point in Manhattan, which is a great landmark. Those who want to see the beautiful panorama of the city must necessarily get into the express elevator to the observation deck “One World Observatory” at the 102 floor. This pleasure costs $32 (children pay $26). View of New York (especially in the evening) is worth the money.

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