What yacht should I choose? Which type of yacht is right for me?

Answer: The variety of offers of charter companies just make it very difficult to choose right yacht. It all depends on:

  1. Amount you intend to spend on charter – is associated with the selection of the size of the yacht, its class, age and equipment.
  2. The number of crew people – remember, that even with your best friend it is difficult to withstand non-stop for two weeks in one room. Think about what challenge it might be if you would have eight friends! Even in the biggest Masuria yachts floor area does not exceed 10-15m2.
  3. Choice of the crew -gender and age – it’s about intimacy, comfort and safety of individual crew members:
  • Having on board a chemical toilet in a separate lockable cabin often is very important for women and children.
    • Separate / lockable sleeping cabins are important for crews, in which are couples in or a significant variation of the crew in terms of age.
    • Closed stern, roof vents, etc. are very important for people sailing with young children.
    • Fully equipped and comfortable galley is important for people who like to cook.
  1. Preferences for the type of boat:
    • Sport – sport yachts: slim body, large sail area, lightweight design with opened stern, large cockpit and a small quarter-deck; yachts, that are very fast and maneuverable but requiring good experience in steering from the crew. Smaller yachts of this class often do not have a cabin toilet; sometimes equipped with a sword centerboard for fast sailing but demanding from the crew increased caution in and around rocks area and shoals (risk of damage).
  • Hotel – large yachts, with a wealthy on-board equipment and navigation, very safe – not necessarily fast, comfortable: two or three separate lockable sleeping cabins, separate toilet and a spacious toilet cabin, rather for people with a thicker wallet; yachts of this class are mostly designed rather to stay at the port than nearby romantic beach.• Tourist – middle-class yachts, living area coeducational, sometimes with one lockable cabin bow; suitable both to stay in one place and in the well-equipped marina. Often with limited sail area because of the safety reasons.
    • Tourism and Sport – modern yachts with good nautical providing both comfort and safety of sailing and a lot of excitement for the lovers of sport madness; yachts most versatile, unfortunately not the cheapest.
    • Backpacker – cheap, small boats (mostly old) suitable for ship-off to every place you like, even the wildest part of Masuria; designed for people who enjoy close contact with nature and do not mind the inconvenience of daily sailing.
    • Of course, no yacht cannot be attributed precisely to a particular type of sailing.
  1. Choice of the crew in terms of sailing experience – it’s about the safety of the crew and the yacht.
  • Sailors with little experience (especially going on the first self-cruise) should choose smaller yachts, easy-to-use with reliable engine; on the first cruise I strongly advise against sport class yachts (may cause difficulty in steering in unpredictable situations and when stronger wind appears) and the hotel yachts (difficult to maneuver a large yacht with considerable inertia and weight in a tight Masuria port); I also strongly advise against yachts with a steering wheel instead of the tiller (you need to have sense of good steering, before being able to use steering wheel). With a large dose of common sense, you can go from start steer large yacht (one day you’ll have to have your first time anyway) but common sense tells you to start your sailing from smaller units.
  • Sailors with not experienced crew should mainly choose safe-yachts (tourist, tourist-sport or hotel yachts – to not discourage crew to sail in the future), equipped with amenities such as: gate to the mast, equipped in shrouds leading, necessarily jib system on a rigid forestay, reliable engine, halyards brought to the cockpit, rotatingsword etc. to allow, if necessary, a single-steering yacht.
    • It is crucial to objectively assess your own skills.
  1. Preferences when it comes to stop (at the port / not known places) – it’s about immersion and ease of approaching to the beach; if someone is going to stay ‘in the wild’ should choose a yacht with a small immersion, with opened or semi-opened stern and outboard ladder (if the stern is closed and/or high).
  2. Season in which we intend to sail – in late autumn and early spring, it is worth to consider choosing a yacht equipped with on-board heating, especially, that the charter prices for this time of the year are not high.

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