A few words about the tourist guides

Tourist guide is a person whose main task is to lead tours and individual tourists through a city, region or itinerary. Tourist guides are people who have appropriate privileges gained by completed courses and trainings.

Depending on their specialty, the guides are divided into:
– city guides, guiding tourists around the city, including the most interesting tourist routes
– field guides, who give tours through specific region, the province and the most important cities
– mountain guides, guiding through the most interesting tourist routes
– museum guides, dealing with presenting collections of various centers, museums, galleries and guiding through historic buildings (churches, palaces, open-air museums).
Guides must always have a broad and detailed knowledge of the area. They must be able to provide important information to know the history of the site and visited buildings and their collections, the most interesting legends, anecdotes and events associated with guiding areas. They must be versed in matters of geographical, political, cultural and economic order, if necessary, submit visited places in a broader context. In the case of mountain hikes guides must also be versed in the flora and fauna of the area.
Tourists are expecting from the guide to be an interesting person, with a sense of humor, who is able to entertain and talk about road in a light way. Therefore, it is a profession for those who are open and daring, who can talk with passion about a particular city or region.

The tourist guides should plan your route to include the most interesting and the most important objects. They are also responsible for planning trips in time.
During a trip, the guides should be taking care of the safety of the participants and their comfortable feeling. They must always keep in mind to organize staging points, informing about the possible inconvenience (eg. On mountain routes), taking care of the appropriate equipment with tourists. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, they should also develope an alternative route trips.

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