10 hints how to keep protected yourself against theft during travel

During long travel, it is hard to prevent a theft. The best protection is minimalization of losses – locating things in a few places. The thief can easily catch a purse, steal a wallet from pants’/bag’s pocket, search a bag during our absence. Below it was written the 10 valuable tips.

1. Documents and main money hence we keep under the cloth, the wallet with the part of the money and unnecessary documents to make it not look „like rich”, the best it would be to hide it in bag or pocket. If someone could grab us on the street and demanded money, we give a wallet and we start to run away. Finally, cash reserve + a copy of the passport (we are sending a copy on your email) in case if something would happen with it what we have with ourselves – hide it in a bag.
2. During expectation at the railway station and in other places in which someone can run up, drive up, we combine the bags together invisibly in one big „bunch”. If someone will try to pull it, he will be surprised.
3. Going by the streets we sling the bag diagonally over the shoulder and back, the best by holding it at the opposed site then a street.
4. In trains, we pin our baggage by a chain at a few the strongest elements of a bag. That is for the time of availability to the luggage extension. A thief usually chooses the easiest victim.
5. We need to be the most careful while we pay out cash at our cash points, exchange currency in cantor. The majority cantors and cash points consist glass – there is seen where you hide your cash! If there is a possibility, don’t go to such places alone.
6. When you leave your hotel room, even for a while, you need to close the door. In shelters, thieves are looking for the most easygoing tourists and they come into the room while their absence.
7. When you drive your car you absolutely can not leave inside important things, even if we „hide” them in a trunk.
8. In hotels which don’t look like if they would fight for a good reputation, if there is a possibility we lock the room with a padlock/chain.
9. It is good to have a few credit cards with not big amount of resources + personal account without a card with main money. To pay out from a cash point, we transfer only the amount we need.
10. People got a lot of histories and it is good for a trip to „search” forums. The methods used by thieves are changing and it is also worth to be freshly about that.


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