15 of the best gifts for traveler

  1. Scratching world’s map

It is one of the most universal gifts for people who like to travel. Independently this will be for sister who is hitchhiker or traveler uncle – this map looks brilliant on every kind of wall. All the countries on the map are covered by special scratching foil. After being in some country we scratch it on this map.

  1. Cork and chalk map

The cork map or chalk map is stylish and design gadget which suits for every kind of room and every office. It is not important that you are not seasoned traveler or you only dream about long journeys. That kind of map will be looking great above your desk.

On cork map you can pin by drawing pins photos and notes and on cork map you can write by chalk and after that erase it like on a blackboard.

  1. Power Bank

If you don’t have it already, you necessary need to get this on the letter addressed to Santa Claus.

Power Bank is a pocket accumulator with USB output, which at first we need to connect to power at home or in the car to make it fully charged. Then we can load from it for a few times a day our phone, camera and everything what uses USB cable. It is perfect for long flights or in order you are going to spend a few days in the bush or in the mountains. It is very useful when phone is unloaded at the least expected moment.

  1. The Polaroid Camera

That means camera which is printing a photo right after it was done. It is great toy and very cool gadget during traveling – always when we meet someone while we traveling and we want to leave them some keepsake then we can do 2 photos with Polaroid – 1 photo we give for person which we have met and another one we can paste into the journey diary. Photos give amazing climate and each of them is unique.

  1. Hammock Ghost Lesovik

It is very light and mega durable hammock, produced by polish company named Lesovik. It is useful for people who like survival trips and also for those who like to be lazy at the beach along palm trees. After packing it to the bag it is very small so it can be packed even to your packet. Ghost got a price “Must Have” at this year  Festival Łódź Design.

  1. Adapter for electrical outlets

All-purpose adapter for electrical outlets – wherever in the world we will be, thanks to it we can always load our equipment.

  1. GoPro Camera

Sport camera for special tasks. You can swim with it under water and mount it on the car, forehead or even on a dog.

  1. Pocket knife

Famous Swiss pocket knife Victrinox.

  1. Multi tool

We often need to cut, screw on something or just open the can. The knife, scissors and opener are the thing you don’t need because when you have multi tool you have all in one. I truly recommend Leatherman because recently I have broke one of my screwdriver and while I was unscrewing old bolt in Sydney in seat of Leatherman the simply gave me new multi tool because it has warranty for 25 years.

  1. Gloves for smartphones

Gloves in which is possible to operate touch screens of smartphones’ I tablets’ – thanks to them you will take a selfie even Antarctica.

  1. Keyboard to the tablet

Keyboard which we can connect to tablet and thanks to it writing on it even more comfortably than by touching the screen. It is very useful especially for people who write blog, who are traveling a lot only with tablet (which is lighter and smaller than laptop)

  1. Electric Tourist Shower

It is useful for those who are traveling by car – we connect it to lighter socket, we put the pomp into the bucket or water tank and we can have a shower even in the middle of the wood. It is additionally worth to buy Vertical 2 meter shower tent.

  1. Sun battery Bag

It is good for hitchhikers and people who like hiking. We put our bag on back and for all day load phone, camera or power bank.

  1. Travel journal Moleskine

Gentle comfortable notebook in which we can write our thoughts and adventures which will make happy any traveler. Moleskine has a special bookmarks, maps, stickers and other gadgets tailored to the theme traveling.

  1. Sleeping bag for walking

Here is clear what are we talking about – everyone who could ever tried during cold evening go with casual sleeping bag like a gigantic jumping caterpillar will appreciate this invention.

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