5 of the most beautiful Greek Islands.


Juxtaposition begins situated on North Aegean Sea Thassos. Despite ideal conditions for having a rest it also attract by interesting attractions. Necessarily you need to see the  Limenas – the capital which delights by narrow streets or Gabriel’s Archangelic Monastery where there is a cave which has healing properties.


Lefkada is situated in the center part archipelago of Ionian Islands, to the north from Kefalonia and it covers the area over 300 km kw. The fashion on massive tourism not yet arrived here hence a lot of localities saved their unique character. Life goes on here at a lazy pace, especially in the depth of land and uncontaminated nature admire by its beauty. The biggest attractions in Lefkada is located on the west coast Porto Katsiki – one of the most famous beaches not only in Hellas but also in the whole Europe.


The biggest pearl of Aegean Sea is  Santorini which is called by their inhabitants Kalliste what means “the most beautiful”. Nowhere white houses contrast with the azure of water, architecture is not such consistent and atmosphere so idyllically insular. The local cities lay on peaks of stony cliffs which steeply fall in turquoise abyss of Aegean Sea.


One of the most popular corner of Aegean Sea is island  Zakynthos. About its beauty decides a beautiful coast, azure water and a lot of greenery – it is said about it “the greenest from Greek islands”. On the South there is bay  Laganas where you can meet turtles Caretta Caretta. However the most heartbreaking is sight on Wreck Bay.


Corfu is one of the most populated regions of Greece and the most extended on north of Ionian Islands. It is worth to see Corfu town called also Kerkyra. The best beaches are situated on the East coast: Pelekas and Myrtiotissa. 3 km on the south from town is situated Kanoni with fairy tale sights on bay with two islets. One of them is Vlacherne on which is located the nunnery from XVII century. The second is well known Pondikinissi, Mouse Island.

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