5 reasons to visit Cuba

Cuba has everything what is typical Caribbean – white sand of the beaches, warm water, sun, palms. It also has a highly rich culture. It ,,exported” original dances, salsa, rumba, mambo to the whole world. Unique music is played on the streets. Cuban cigars and rum is a quality and tradition not to be copied. Get to know 5 reasons for which it is worth to see Cuba.

Havana, Cuba

A favorite place of Ernest Hemingway, city of birth of Andy Garcia. The old town La Habana Vieja is part of the world heritage list of UNESCO. Salsa Cubana danced in clubs and on the streets. Additionally cigars, old fords and a friendly climate.


The most famous beach on Cuba is located in Varadero. Hotels ale placed on the kilometers round the coast. It is completely different part than the rest of the island. On the Varadero beaches tourists are kings and dollars are more important than the revolutionary ethos. At the shore there are the most elegant and most valuable residences on the island. In the past they were a property of the families of the biggest businessmen like Irene Dupont or the biggest gangsters like Al Capone. But Varadero is not only the luxury. The other half of the peninsula is an ,,ordinary” town. Contrary to the common opinions the touristic region of Varadero is not closed for the Cubans.


Plaza Mayor, the square with gardens in the very heart of the old town of Trinidad, surrounded with colorful colonial houses with museums and galleries is a clue of the Cuban architecture style. Trinidad is on the pages of every Cuba guide. There are not many hotels but many local tone of the citizens. In Trinidad it is easy for the tourist to mix in the local community and the customs not tightened with the government supervision. A quite parochial atmosphere and magnificently renovated colonial buildings make Trinidad very high on the list of the touristic priorities.


A small town at the west of Havana. It is distinguished by the gloomy atmosphere and calm streets, low buildings and sandy beaches. The citizens are open and very hospitable, eagerly chat and invite for short and longer conversations. Many tourists think that it is the most pleasant place on Cuba. So it is no doubt that 2-3 days in Vinales takes the stress away from everyone better because the commercialized beaches in Varadero.

Photography workshops in Cuba

If you are interested in photography, you have the unique occasion to see Ciba and undergo a professional photography workshop, you will find more info on photography workshops in Cuba.

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