5 reasons why is it worth to visit Cuba

Cuba has everything what is typically Caribbean – white sand of beaches, warm water, sun, palms. It has also exceptionally rich culture. The original dances, rumba, mamba, „exported” around all the world. The unique music played straight on the streets. Cuban cigars and rum are quality and tradition not to forfeit. Get to know 5 reasons why it is worth to visit Cuba.

Havana, Cuba

Favorite place of Ernest Hemingway, the city of Andie’s Garcii birth. The old town of La Habana Vieja written on the list of world heritage UNESCO list. Salsa Cubana danced in clubs and on the streets. Next to cigar there are old fords on the streets and friendly climate.


The most famous beach on Cuba is located in Vardero. There are hotels stretching for miles along the coast. It is a completely different corner than the rest of the island. On the Varadero beaches the kings are tourists and dollars are more important than revolutionary ethos. On the shore stand the most elegant and the richest residents on the island. Once they belonged to the biggest businessman families’ like Irene Dupont or the greatest gangsters like Al Capone, Ale Varadero are not only luxuries. The largest part of penisula takes „casual” city. Contrary to a popular opinions, the tourist region Varadero is not closed for Cubans.


The Mayor beach – the place with gardens in the same heart of old town Trinidad surrounded by colorful, colonial houses gathering museums and galleries are quintessence of Cuban architecture style. Trinidad is is showing at cards of each guide on Cuba. There are not many hotels but a lot of local colons of citizens. In Trinidad the easiest is to get into local society for the tourist and habits uninhibited by government supervision. Quite provincial atmosphere and incredibly renewed colonial building placing Trinidad very high on the list of tourists’ priorities.


Not too big city on the East from the Havana. It is highlighted by sleepy atmosphere and silent streets, low buildings and sand streets. The citizens are open and very hospitable. They are talking with pleasure and they invite on short or longer conversations. Many of tourists think that place is the most pleasant on Cuba. Therefore there is nothing special but 2-3 days in Vinales will de-stress anyone better than commercialized sunbath in Varadero.


Situated on the West island tip, Baracoa is like Promised Land for tourists who are coming on Cuba. Columbus who got there in 1492 year described it as the most beautiful place that his eyes have ever seen. The way to the city goes between granite hills overgrown by green pins and it suddenly falls to the tropical paradise over the coast of ocean. By the long time the only way to get to the town was sea’s site.

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