Bali – paradise island in Indonesia

It is located in archipelago Bali’s Little Sunda Islands which is called God’s Island or The Jewel of the Tropics. For many years that island recognized as the best place for holidays in the whole Indonesia. Each year it attracts visitors who are leaving that place being enchanted, with powerful decision about return. It is not surprising because that place enchants by wonderful landscapes, great, white beaches and fascinating culture. Bali is also one of the sunniest places on the Earth – here on average almost 300 cloudless days in year. There features equatorial wet climate about average year air temperature 25-27 degrees Celsius. It is important to know that island is beloved also by newlyweds – it is the most famous direction for wedding and honeymoon. What treasures hides that paradise corner of the world?

Bali is relatively not big island. Its surface is just 5,6 thousands km. It extend to the length of 145 km and width of 80 km. Tourists started appearing in mass here in 1969 year when the airport Ngurah Rai in Denpasar was given to usage. Currently it has regular connections with many airports in the country and continent but also Europe or Australia. Annually on Bali comes about 7 millions people and tourism is a main branch economy of that region. Generally visited by travelers area is the south part of island. You can admire there luxuriant, wild jungle saturated by incredible greenery countless rise fields, beautiful hills and valleys or amazing lakes glued to slopes:

Indispensable part of such spectacular landscape is architecture. The colonial constructions, palaces of Balinese rulers, the Hindu temples and exotic works of art will delight everyone. Curiosity is that on the island can’t be built any of building which will exceed the palm. It is one of the commonly prevailing tradition which in time has became in prevalent law every day. All the buildings located on Bali reach maximum two floors. It concerns hotel chains. Petrol stations and supermarkets have characteristic steep Balinese visors. All is built according to unique architectural style. Each of residential house is directed by axis in direction of holly mountain Agung. It need to also posses a special door which blocks entrance for ghosts. Symbols such those we can find numerous.

One of the most popular town to the north Bali is resort Lovina. Its owes her popularity to the beach with black, volcanic sand. With crystalline, clean water it creates great, extraordinary landscape. People who prefer white beaches choose Kuta Beach to the south of island. We will find there numerous bars, saloons and clubs. It is paradise for party-goers. It is also a good place for beginner surfers who can use the services of nurseries. Another beach, Padang Padang is not nor long and not wide but incredibly charming thanks to location in insignificant cove surrounded by rocks. If you want to get there you need to go by long stairs but it is worth to address this challenges because the sight from that place is stunning.

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