Best Places to Snowshoe and Cross Country Skiing in Wisconsin

Well-known for it’s beautiful landscape, Wisconsin also contains excellent ski and snowshoe resorts, along with Nordic centers which are fitting for any visitor. If you’re looking for somewhere new to travel to this holiday season, Wisconsin could be your next stop. Below, you’ll find a list of five centers and resorts that will provide you with only the best of experiences. Snow shoes can be rented at many of the centers, or you can bring your own. If you need some snowshoe recommendations, click here for some.

Nordic Mountain

Perfect for families, Nordic Mountain provides only the best trails for skiers, boarders, tubers, and every snowshoers. The prices for season and daily passes are extremely competitive and affordable. Not only this, but the staff is highly qualified and trained so they provide excellent service at every visit.

Nine Mile Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing

At these trails, there are several amenities which provide a changing area, equipment rentals for both snowshoeing and skiing, passes for those who are just skiing for the day and annual passes, and a spacious area to warm up because spending a day in the snow will be rather cold. The snowshoe trails are extremely well-groomed and there are some for every level of difficulty. The valleys here tend to have very flat light conditions, it’s a good idea to have goggles with interchangeable lens. Here are some good ones for you to look at.

There’s the four kilometre loop, six kilometre, eight kilometre, and ten kilometre trails. There is even a ski trail called the Cookie Trail Loop, which is for younger skiers, and has cookies displayed up and down the trail for them to eat. Overall, Nine Mile Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing has a thirty kilometre system of trails and comes with almost eleven kilometres of snowshoe trails.

Nordic Trail Head

This system of trails is located in the south of Kettle Moraine Forest and has over one hundred and sixty kilometres worth of terrain for skiers to explore. Throughout the forest there are parking lots for terrain vehicles. Altogether, there are five trails which have different levels of difficulty and length; therefore, there is something for every skier to enjoy. In the summer, this area is used for hiking; however, it is very easily converted for skiers in the winter.

Big Bay State Park

This park is located on Madelaine Island in Lake Superior and is host to around five miles of trails which are excellently groomed to provide only the best experience for skiers and snowshoers. To get there, one must take an ice road or windsled because the ferry cannot break the ice surrounding this island during the winter season.

Blue Mound State Park

Here, there are ten miles of groomed trails. Not only this, but it also features amenities like a warming center so that skiers and snowshoers don’t freeze while they’re having fun. This park is located at the very highest point of southern Wisconsin; therefore, it has a spectacular view of the state’s beautiful landscape.


Although it is not well known for skiing, Wisconsin has beautiful trails, terrains, and resorts for skiers and snowshoers to enjoy. No matter the level of difficulty or distance, there is a trail for anyone in Wisconsin. Whether it’s on Nordic mountain or in Blue Mound State Park, Wisconsin provides an experience that no one can forget.

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