BOSTON – The oldest city of United States

The oldest city of United States was created in 1630 year. It was established by puritanical settlers. Boston is the capital of state Massachusetts situated on northeast coast of United States. There are many scientific centers like also financial. That city is fully modern and it is well known from the newest technology. It is there the same created and used. Biotechnology, Informatics are just a few domains which are developing here very fast. However for tourist is important something different. The monuments.

There are really a lot of them there. What it is worth to see in Boston? Let’s start from Faneuil Hall, the real place of tourists’ cult. Yearly that place is visited by about 20 millions of tourists. This is something to prove. Someday – the speeches place of American rebels, today it raises interests by architectural structure. While you ar in this place, on what you should focus there? First of all at quite singular bell which at once was working and sometimes there were problems with that. World War II immobilized it for many years. However we should not prescribe to it some history. It just rusted. That is why it was not ringing.

Boston is a mecca for tourists who are interested in technical sciences. There is situated the main campus of the world’s the most famous technical university – Massachusetts Institute of Technology. If you are enthusiasts of those science domains, surely you should visit that place. Perhaps the tourist trip will end for you with residence for a longer time on prestigious university. On MIT you can choose one from 200 fields of study. There is also 300 research groups and laboratories. Development on that university is unreservedly possible.

While planning departure to Boston it is worth to ensure yourself possibility of entry to the Boston Symphony Orchestra. You can go there not only in order to visiting but also go to the concert. Orchestra which was founded in 1881 year is included in Great Five Orchestras of United States. The initiator was Henry Lee Higginson. Orchestra can boast about repertoire starting with classic music ending on modern music. Everyone will find here something special. Since 2001 year the main conductor in Orchestra is James Levine, the headquarter BSO is located near 301, Massachusetts Avenue.

When you are going to go to old city in Boston it is worth to visit district Beacon Hill. It is the richest district of town. There is literally everything. Completely differs from modern buildings situated in the center of metropolis. You can fall in love with the old district. There are old townhouses, cobblestone streets, exclusive restaurants. While being in the following district it is good to focus on State House built in 1713 year. It is the oldest building in town which was maintained.

The curiosity associated with Boston can be fact that if you are not lover of tea even the most stunning buildings will not be appreciated for you. You will not get any tea here in any place. Its drinking is prohibited here. Obviously that hot tea. It is associated with the history of United States. The eradication of drinking hot tea habit which is a showcase of Great Britain took place in 1779 year when the ship with tea was sunk nearby Boston harbor. American rebels made it in act of protest against duty. The whole event was named quite curiously “Boston drinking tea”. When you are going to visit Boston you need to be ready for delicious tea with ice or coffee which is there in various views and varieties.

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