Buck Knives 0095BKSTP – A Tactical Folding Knife You Can Keep While Travelling

It’s rugged, it’s sophisticated, and it’s suave. When you first encounter the Buck Csar-T tactical knife, these are the words that start racing in your head. Just look at the precisely textured design of the handle, the confidence that oozes from the blade, the strength that it exudes. This knife is a cut above its peers. Especially if you’re an adventurer and you love to travel, this knife has got to be by your side the whole time. It nicely folds into the handle, tucking neatly inside the sheath that it comes with. Shove it inside your bag pocket and know that you’re fully equipped for your journey ahead. As you’ll see in this best tactical knife review, the knife is hefty and muscular. The blade is made of high-quality steel, so whatever you run the knife through, be sure it will emerge unscratched. Okay, let’s get to it. Let’s look into the main features of the Csar-T knife.


The blade is a spectacularly sturdy, 154 CM steel metal. For those who don’t know what 154 CM steel is, let me paint you a picture. This metal was developed to be used for tough industrial applications. Now, having it used to make a knife’s blade is as premium as it gets. What this tells you is that the Csar-T can handle being put through very heavy use. You’ll get a super sharp blade that doesn’t get dull quickly. And when it does, it sharpens quite easily. Worried about corrosion? The 154 CM steel is resistant to corrosion as well. At three and a half inches, the blade has a sharp angled point that’s modified between the front edge and the bottom edge. This Tanto design, prevents it from breaking, holding up well to piercing or scraping of sturdy materials. When you don’t need it, the blade submissively folds back into the handle.


This handle is such a work of art. It has a textured design known as a rocky mountain tread. This design enables the handler to get a nice solid grip on the knife. The stainless steel frame handle knows no bounds when it comes to durability. Wrapping your hand around it, you feel a surprising comfort. And comfort is exactly what we require of a tactical knife that will be put through the rough and tumble of the tactical life. Put together all these qualities and what you have is a knife that will last you a lifetime. One more thing, the handle is multi-functional. Turn it tip up; you’ll notice a hex bit cut out that accepts hex driver tools. So, when the blade is retracted, this tactical knife can be moonlight as a screwdriver.


So, yes, the knife is hefty, but that doesn’t compromise on its portability. At a weight of 8.6 ounces, it does carry a bit of mass for a tactical knife, yet, it’s still easy to carry around in your pocket or on your belt. That’s right, it has a belt clip that allows you to secure it on your belt, within reach. The blade retracts nicely into the handle and is secured by a liner lock. There’s a thumb stud, which releases the blade, placed conveniently so that you can open it with one hand. Finally, you get, with this knife, a heavy duty nylon, MOLLE compatible sheath. So, when traveling, all you need to do is slide the knife into the sheath, attach the sheath to your backpack and off you go.


– The Csar-T Knife has a high quality 154 CM Steel blade that is corrosion resistant.

– The Stainless steel handle has excellent grip and also comfortable to hold.

– The opening mechanism is easy to operate with one hand.

– This knife locks solidly in place, preventing accidental opening.

– It’s a versatile tactical knife that also accepts hex driver tools.


– The knife feels rather stiff to open because of the heft of the blade.

– It is an overall heavy tactical knife in comparison to others in the market.

– The Belt clip is also quite stiff making it difficult to get on and off the belt quickly.


Q: Does the knife come with the belt clip attached, out of the box?

A: Yes, it has the belt clip attached, tip up.

Q: What type of stone do you use to sharpen the blade?

A: You can use the Alabama whetstone, fine grit and medium grit.


True, this is knife is bigger and heavier than its counterparts. However, this is made up for by the strength and durability. It’s a very tough knife that will handle heavy cutting. The blade is strong and sharp while the handle is rugged yet comfortable. Together with the versatility of using hex tools, you can’t go wrong with the Buck Csar-T tactical knife. So, to end this best tactical knife review, I give the Csar-T two thumbs up.

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