Great places to visit in Perth, Australia

A western coast of Australia is wrongly skipped during the trip to this country. It is worth spending a few days to visit this part of the country because of the incredible climate which can be seen there. Western Australia is the biggest state on the continent, which lays in the Indian Ocean. The climate dominant here is highly dry because of the fact that most of the terrain are deserts and half-deserts. Apart from the sandy panorama, the western coast are also numbers of gorges, wide beaches and charming rivers. The average temperature in the summer is even 30 °C, in winter it is about 10 °C.

The trip to Western Australia is worth starting from the capital of the state – Perth. Perth is an amazing destination. The city is on the fourth place in Australia concerning the number of citizens. This area is settled by about 2 millions of people and is about 2/3 of the overall number of people of Western Australia. It is the most isolated city in the world. The distance between it and the nearest bigger city is almost 3000 km. Despite it, the level of living in this metropolis is very high. The research conducted in 2015 has shown that Perth is in the first ten of the best cities to live in the world (is on the 8th position). The ranking takes into consideration almost 30 factors for example concerning the environment, health, education, labor market and security. Apart from people who search for the well paid job, Perth attracts also students who search for a good education system but also rich touristic offer. Perth as a honeymoon destination is often used too!

A picturesque river Swan flows through Perth, which looks the most beautifully in the night, magnificently composing with the modern skyscrapers. The city is famous for beautiful beaches, making water ports and also many cafes and restaurants serving local frutti di mare. One of the most interesting is Kings Park, where we can see the characteristic Australian flora. The beautiful view on the city can be achieved from here. Other interesting places which are worth seeing are the Round House or the Saint Mary’s Cathedral. It is an interesting fact that there is still operating in Pert the oldest mint in the country. What more to see there? Look at places to visit in Perth.


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