How to charter a yacht in Croatia?

If you are the experienced sailors than for sure you know the answer to that question. The problem with the answer can have those who have never had a chance to try yachting or those who reduced their sailing trips to the inland waterways so far.

Why Croatia?

Croatia attracts more and more tourists year after year. Why? We love Croatia for beautiful sun, crystal clear water and great sailing conditions. It can be said that God gave the Croatians the last place from the earth that was intended only for him. And it is because of that we can feel like in paradise!

How to charter a yacht in Croatia?

If you are an ordinary tourist who wants to actively spend time and experience something truly amazing, then you have to rent a yacht with the service of a professional skipper. The cost of this service is between 80 and 200 euro a day. If you do not have a marine skipper’s license, remember that in order to freely sail through the Croatian waters you have to have a license testifying your radio operating skills.

What is more worth knowing?

The more demanding crews can also choose to rent a hostess who will take care of cleaning and cooking for the whole crew. Often the hostesses serve as guides through the region and indicate which places are worth seeing, in which tavern it is worth eating, on which beaches it is worth relaxing.

Remember that apart from the costs of chartering the yacht you have to prepare for paying the deposit given to you after the cruise (its value is dependent on mostly of the yacht value), costs connected with the fuel usage and additional payment connected with preparing the yacht to the cruise, so called transit log.

Fast and easy yacht reservation

The charter of the yacht in Croatia is not very complicated, mostly if you decide to reserve the yacht via Book2Sail portal. Then you choose the reservoir and the date of the cruise. Additionally you can use the extended search engine thanks to which you can define the number of people, number of separate cabins, the length of the yacht as well as its type.

When you decide which yacht you chose, simply go step by step according to the tips on the site. It won’t take you more than 3 minutes. Explore the boats & yachts in Croatia on the link below:

Next… you can only count days, pack the suitcases and start a journey of your life.

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