How to choose the tourist cooker?

Gas stoves
That the most often taken (not only because of the price) by users, the cooker surely will not load our luggage. In addition it not require instant cleaning and is not getting black on fleshpot/canteen or burner. Don’t forget that weaker will be on the higher heights and with low temperatures. Because of that it will stay confiscated at the airport. Remember also that cookers which are from gas cylinder and burner will be heavier.
Above them dominant are those equipped with cartouches. Their advantage is not only low weight (100-500g) but also that they are practically universal and time of preparing meals is cut to the minimum. We have to keep in mind that in some parts of the world we can meet difficulties with buying cartouches.

If we talk about those last, on the market available are in the following varieties: cartouches pierced (standard „french” without valve, disposable, which name comes from that before using it is necessary to pierce them); cartouches with valve without thread (standard „french” with valve); cartouches with valve, with thread (standard „french” with valve).

Liquid fuel stoves
For some reasons preferably is to have liquid fuel stove (benzine, paraffin oil, diesel, alcohol). It is more expensive though but the fuel is commonly available and at the same time those stoves are distinguished by resistance at temperature changes and heights.

The most often used kind of fuel is odorless and leaving no stains extraction gasoline. You can transport it in aluminum bottle so it not constitute redundant ballast. Differently is in case of paraffin which not only leaves intensive smell but also leaves permanent dirtiness.

The fact is that you need to get no little practice in “relations” with such kind of stoves and in addition they themselves cause a serious load of our baggage. It hard to hide that cooking in principle each time is associated with cleaning up fleshpots, wires and burner.

Solid fuel stoves
Solid fuel stoves are very light. What creates it is a simple construction with aluminum to which we put cubes done from flammable material. Next, that material is getting burn and above the fireplace we put up the fleshpot.
Mark, that they’re using for reheating prepared meal but not for preparing sophisticated dish because cooking time is much longer than in case of other stoves.

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