How to sightsee Barcelona on a shoe string budget?

Barcelona is definitely the most expensive touristic place I have been. It is possible to eat cheaply in this city but if like me you like to wander around the museums then you have to have with you some bigger amount of money. Definitely it is not a good direction for a student who loves traveling on a shoe string budget. Fortunately Spain with its climate provides us with the beautiful weather so that we can sightsee Barcelona under the clear sky.

The first and the most important step to sightsee Barcelona inexpensively.

The first step which is worth doing so that you can sightsee Barcelona on a shoestring budget is buying a decent travel guide. Really it is worth to pay some money in Poland to save them during a trip. I wouldn’t know unless O. whom I asked for the purchase. I know that he has a fling for buying the more expensive because the expensive is better, that is why I underlined that it should be the guide is 5 euro. And what was the result? As usual, O. had bought the guide for 10 euro. At first I was a little mad at him but even after the first day of the trip I was thankful for this choice. Our guide is greatly organized. Sightseeing Barcelona is directed by the districts, every district has its color. In every district the most important places are marked by a number. We have here one big map of the city, smaller maps of the specific district on the separate pages, maps of the tube and also the map with all the numbers which appeared in the book. The travel guide gives us the prices of admissions, the working hours. We avidly used the bars and restaurants catalogue with the price designation.

And what’s about a Barcelona Card?

It is possible that before your leave you are wondering about buying the city card. Many touristic places offer such cards thanks to which you can travel for free with the city transport and go into the museums. Such card saved my funds in Copenhagen but I do not recommend buying it in Barcelona. It ensures us with the free entrance but only to 20 less popular places. For these really attractive you will pay separately with a small discount. Rather not affordable.

The transport.

It is worth to have the T-10 card, which will provide you with 10 rides round the town with all kinds of transport. It is possible to travel with it by the train (R2) from the airport. We used 3 such cards in 6 days. It is definitely the most beneficial option.

P.S If you going to rent a car you need to remember you should book a parking in Barcelona.

The lodging.

We have rent a room in the artist’s flat via airbnb website. We were really unlucky because we didn’t know that the windows go out of the crossing of the two crowded streets. The noise was unbearable. Luckily I had with me the ear stoppers. I accidentally put it into the luggage. It was a really great decision. 🙂 I do not recommend you this particular flat despite the fact that the owner was nice and the room tided and great. You can search for other rooms or flats on the Airbnb site.

Hotels in Spain are cheaper than in for example in Italy so before you leave check this option. Of course you can search for the lodging in Barcelona also via the couchsurfing. If you haven’t travel this way or have doubts concerning this kind of traveling, I wrote about it in the text: Couchsurfing: what is stopping you and how to find the lodging.

The food.

A precise information about the food you can get in the text: What did I ate in Barcelona. Now I will write only that between 1 PM and 4 PM in the restaurant they propose the menu called del dia, meaning the menu of the day ranging from 10 to 15 euro in the most touristic places. The meal like this consists of three courses, one vegetarian, one with meat and a dessert. The price include often the drink (also wine or beer).

We can eat cheaply on the food market. The fruits in a cup for breakfast cost 1 euro, similarly the freshly made juice. Two plastic plates of the frutti di mare is a cost of 5 euro and a great idea for a supper.

We can also dine at the tapas bars. Tapas are the tiny sandwiches with various additions. Mostly with the frutti di mare but they also can be mini hamburgers, hot dogs or sweet sandwiches. We buy them by numbers, depending on the venue, they can cost from 1 to 3 euros.

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