Internet connection while on holiday

During our stay abroad, we usually have three possibilities of accessing the World Wide Web: the free Wi-Fi accessible in the hotel and public spaces, the purchase of a SIM-card with an internet plan from a local provider and the purchase of a roaming bundle from your own provider.

Public and hotel Wi-Fi

A lot of hotels offer Wi-Fi to their guests. Sometimes, you can also find Wi-Fi spots scattered across city centers (in Berlin, for example, every Deutsche Telekom phonebooth is equipped with a public router). It is very often completely free to use those services. This is a big advantage: essentially, free Internet. What about the disadvantages? With this Internet solution, there are at least two. For one, the speed of the connection, of course. The other disadvantage is the safety of these networks. They are usually not secured in any way – and so, it is not advised to use your banking services, e-mail and social media services through them.

A local SIM-card

Virtually every country has a phone service provider that sells pre-paid SIM-cards with minor Internet plans. This method can be quite irritating if you are looking for a personal SIM-card only to be used in your phone. It requires either inserting a local SIM-card to your smartphone, or purchasing a 3G/LTE router, a so-called Mi-Fi – a device that sends out Internet signals.

A roaming plan from your own phone service provider

At the moment, most mobile providers offer a roaming-enabled Internet bundle. They either are already included in your monthly subscription or need to be purchased. The same goes for your pre-paid mobile bundles – they are also viable for paid roaming-bundles. This solution is often quite costly, but it is the easiest and least demanding if we are to use the internet only on the smartphone.


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