Journey planning – what should I know?

A pinch of excitation, a dash of anxiety mixed with impatience, nervous glances at hands moving slowly on the clock face. It’s almost time, we’re almost moving, yet we’re still standing still. A journey – be it holiday, work, recreation, weekend or whatever else – always brings peculiar emotions. Before a long path I always feel a little impatience and jumpiness – I really want to go and I can’t wait, even though I know it’s not the time yet.

We have to prepare appropriately for every journey. Mostly physically and emotionally – we should rest, have a good night’s sleep and regenerate our body. We have to make a way for our eyes and mind to rest, because the 500, 1000 or even 2500 miles ahead will require big concentration and focus. And for a lot of hours at that.

Every journey also requires appropriate planning. Formerly, we used maps and atlases, now it’s so much easier to plan using your computer. There’s a plethora of websites designed to help you. We present one of them here. Calculate driving distance between cities all over the world. seems to be an interesting site that helps not only in setting the route of our trip and estimating the time needed, but also in analyzing any obstructions on the way in the form of metrological dangers and the travel cost.

Experience shows that it’s good to analyze everything before the journey. Certainly, not “everything” can be planned, but we can minimize the surprise factor. Moreover, planning in advance saves not only time, but also money during the journey – let’s take buying tickets in advance for instance.

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