Malaga – The biggest attractions

Malaga is a town on the South Spain, in Andalusia, near at hand the Mediterranean Sea and Betty Mountains. It is one of the well-known swimming in tourist region Costa del Sol.

Malaga – general information

Malaga is situated in Costa del Sol, the Sunny Coast of Mediterranean Sea, at the feet of Betty Mountains. 100 kilometers on the West from the Gibraltar Channel and about 130 kilometers on the North from Africa.

Beginnings of Malaga reach VIII century B.C when there was created as Phoenician cologne. Later it was under Rome’s government, Byzantium and also Arabs. By ages Malaga was gathering considerable cultural heritage and in 2016 it was nominated to the title of European National of Culture. Nowadays Malaga is sixth largest city of Spain. It constitute an important tourist resort and also building and technological.

Malaga – climate

Winters in Malaga are very slight, average temperatures within days are about 17 degrees Celsius. However in summer there is very sunny, average temperatures daily reach about 30 degrees. As well nights are warm, within year average temperature is about 14 degrees. The slight, Mediterranean climate of Malaga guarantee also pleasant springs and autumns with small quantity of rainfalls and summers are very dry.

Malaga – drive

To Malaga you can get by plane (airport Malaga AGP is located 10 km from the center) – transfer from the airport to the Malaga Center is possible by car, bus or train. In Malaga is situated railway station Málaga-María Zambrano; as well international buses, if you want to travel in city you can use public transport (there are also night buses).

In Malaga there is a harbor, one of the busiest at Mediterranean Sea. Roads leading to the town are: A-45, A-7 and N-340.

Malaga – kitchen

In Malaga we can try Andalusian kitchen which contains primarily fish and sea fruits. One of those dishes is fritura malagueńa what means fried on the deep fat shrimps, squids and fish. Espeto de sardinas is freshly backed, stuffed on sticks sardines, selling at the beach. The shrimps in garlic marinade are: gambas al pil-pil and pippirana is the salad with vegetables like: onion, tomatoes, olives and pepper.

Citizens of Malaga like cold soups: salmojero (known as chilled tomato soup) and ajoblanco (cooler based on almonds, oil and garlic served with white grapes).

Malaga –monuments and attractions

Every year Malaga is visited yearly by even 6 millions of tourists what is not a surprise because it is known as the capital of Costa del Sol. The travelers like to go on the beach, they visit old city, museums, churches and fortifications. It is worth to go to the place of Pablo’s Picasso birth in which currently there is museum. The other interesting places are:

  • Alcazaba Fortress – coming from X century ruins of fortress where we can find archeological museum;
  • Gibralfaro Castle – Pheonician castle on the hill on the hight 131 meters above sea level;
  • Museo Carmen Thyssen – the museum of art in which are mainly Spanish images from XIX century; among the pictures there is a collection of Carmen Cervery work;
  • Museo de Málaga – the museum of art and archeology;
  • La Concepción – botanic garden;
  • La Malagueta – built in 1874 arena designed for bullfighting, it belongs to Bien de Interés Cultural, the category of national anthropology monuments in Spain;
  • Center Pompidou Málaga;
  • Cathedral of the Incarnation – the renaissance church created in ages 1528-1782.
  • Museum Jorge Rando.

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