Naypyidaw – the least known capital of the world

The new capital of Birma is one of the most mysterious in the world. Hardly anyone knows about its existence and even inhabitants of that Asiatic country can’t answer to that question, why they decide to build it. Get to know Naypyidaw – city-spectrum in which presence of tourist arouses enormous astonishment.

It seemed that the most mysterious capital of the world is North Korean Pjongjang. However shade of precedence belongs to Naypyidawa – “the royal capital and seat of kings”.

Mysterious investment

City building has started in 2002 with strict secret from other countires and citizens of the country. The area was appointed by surfactant 6 times bigger than New York. It was established that here need to be mile-long community which has to perform a duty without without a pressure which often prevails in enormous metropolis.

Military junta ruling the country on which head stands to this day Than Shwe, choosed day of moving from old capital, Rangunu to Naypyidawa, away from that place about 320 km. The astrologers have identified that it should be happened precisely 6th November 2006 at 6:37. So it happened. It is not an accident that for an advice asked soothsayers. That was a reference to tradition of burmese empires which Than Shwe feels like a continuer.

5 days after, 11 November at 11:00 officials got immediate warrant of departure Rangunu and going to the new town, which in fact was still big construction site. They didn’t have a choice and those who were rebelling may be go to jail.

Information about sudden move was a big suprise not only for politicians but also for all society. All was asking how that new capital will be working when there is no schools, hospitals and infrastructure. Above town there were only governement buildings fenced with high wall and moat. However nobody was discussing. Like Than Shwe ordered, it should be like he wanted it. Furthermore date given by astrologers could not be challenged.

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