Paris – The biggest attractions

Paris is the capital of France and at the same time the most popular European capital in the world. Yearly it is visited over 15 millions of tourists to see one of the most famous monuments of Old Continent.

Paris is European capital of fashion and state of international organizations (UNESCO and OECD) Not rarely we call it also “town of lovers”.

Paris is situated over the sequencer. It is divided for 20 districts from which most valuable in view of tourism are those with numbers from 1 to 8.

Paris – monuments and attractions

Paris is a lovely city full of fountains, squares and avenues. It is stands out by renaissance, baroque and classical building interleaved with unique Haussman style which have born in mid century during reconstruction of Paris commissioned by Napoleon III, according to the project Georges Haussmann.

During visiting Paris we need to consider monuments such as:

  • Eiffel Tower – ex-libris of Paris,

  • Champs-Elysees – representative alley of Paris

  • Triumphal Arch – devoted for fallen soldiers of french revolution and in Napoleonic wars

  • Cathedral Notre-Dame – Gothic Temple devoted for the Blessed Virgin

  • Oratory Sainte-Chapelle – gothic oratory situated on Paris island Cité,

  • Sorbonne – one of the oldest Universities in Europe,

  • Basilica Saint-Denis – cradle of Paris, old necropolis of kings and french priests,

  • Louvre – old royal palace and now the one of the biggest museums in the world,

  • Courtliness – Palace complex situated nearby Paris,

  • Les Invalides – buildings complex in classicist style, old hospital and guest house for the war invalids,

  • Luxembourd Garden – Paris city Park with Palace Luxembourg – present seat of France senate,

  • Moulin Rouge – one of the most famous of French cabarets is situated in district Pigalle, Paris district of red lanterns,

  • Museum d’Orsay – The Art Museum gathering mainly exhibits of french art,

  • La Defense district – modern business district

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