Region Algarve – Uncouth landscape of nature, flamings and not visited sometimes monuments

Algarve is the region which is separated through ages from country, to this day is tempting a wealth of distinctiveness. Over 200 km of several beaches, contrasts Muslim history with modern infrastructure and perfect conditions for water sports are bringing lovers of summer vacation.

Algavre prides itself by not disturbed nature where there are somewhere tourist resorts matched to our preferences. If you are dreaming about intimate little beach the best choice would be to go at one of many secluded bay. Fans of sports will be surprised by the parts Lagos which has for whole year open golf courses. This is the place where we can meet surfers which brings them here because of weather. On the coast you will not look away from limestone rocks and cliffs carved by water and wind, which are crossing the beach and tempting by grottos.

Stunning, bleached and tiled houses which are contrasting with blue sky and farmlands full of almonds and oranges create amazing climate. Locality like :  Alvor, Tavira, Santa Luzia, Salena, Burga, Luz i Sagres are still untouched sometimes and preserved in their original character fishing villages. When you arrive to Algarve it is worth to know with National Park which is named Ria Formosa. We can meet here not only extraordinary flora but also fauna – exotic birds including amazing flamings.

After wonderful day at the beach evening we can spend in the capital of the region – Faro which is separated at two parts. The center is a historic part which is closed to circular motion what is good to slow walking which leads us through way of historic monuments and museums. Gate of Arco da Vila, Temple of Igreja do Carmo, historic bell tower with beautiful panorama, monastery  Convento Nossa Senhora da Assuncao or the church st. Franciszka can make possible to back in time and understand the history which was creating region Algarve. The second part of town has plenty of modern boutiques and restaurants where we can eat exquisite and freshest fishes and also seafood. The kitchen here has a lot of sweets which will come to liking of devotees’ type.

Government of region and each of Algarve towns care about its image and attractiveness. While you are choosing here for holiday we are sure that the weather is good and besides heavenly beach we also will have a chance to take part in a lot of cultural and sport events and amazing landscapes will stay in our memory for a very long time.

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