San Blas, Panama – how to live like Robinson Crusoe

Summer holidays are coming, and most of us have already chosen a vacation destination. For those, that are still searching for something atypical and chilling, I have a good suggestion! Do you want to feel like Robinson Crusoe? Nothing simpler – vacation on a deserted island are now easily available.

Everyone has, at least once, dreamed of escaping civilization and hiding on an uninhabited Island. Modern travel agencies now allow you to do that, and onesome vacation in the middle of the ocean are getting less unusual. But, as with every place with no infrastructure, finding and colonizing a remote, uninhabited island is no easy task. To spend time in a really remote place, you need courage and sufficient preparations. It is difficult to reach a place with no hotels or even huts set up by others.

San Blas is an archipelago of 378 islands along the Atlantic coast of Panama on the Caribbean Sea in an autonomy of Kuna Yala. Over 40 islands are inhabited by the indigenous Kuna. The base of their existence is tourism, craftsmanship and fishing. San Blas are considered one of the most visited tourist spots in Panama. The islands can be reached by sea or by air, as they are connected with regularly schedules flights of Ai Panama and Aeroperlas. The archipelago has a lot of uninhabited islands with long, white-sand beaches with coconut palms. In this region, there are no hurricanes, and the weather is beautiful all-year-round, so tourists visit San Blas tour regularly, also on board your own yacht.

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