Savannah, Georgia

The history of Savannah reaches back to 1733. Strolling around the unique streets one can feel that the city stopped in time a long time ago. Almost every building is a historic place. We are surrounded by beautiful and elegant Victorian houses, cute corners like from the black-white moves and old oaks. The past awaits as in every part of Savannah and forbids us to forget about her. We can say that the city was built on the bodies of dead people. It was a battlefield during the American Revolution and during the American Civil War. In the reality the present part of the city was built on the graves of Indians, soldiers, slaves and the plague victims of the 1820.

Prepare, it is haunted

Ghosts of Savannah are everywhere. At the corner, on the commentaries, in the old warehouse and the hospital, in the pub and in the houses. The haunted stairs, objects and pieces of furniture settled by ghosts. Moon River Brewery, Mercer House, the Marshall House or the Owens -Thomas House. The Indians, pirates, soldiers of the American Civil War, outcast-giant, witches, murders.

The Abercorn Street 432 house

Have you seen the „American Horror Story”? Do you fancy the haunted houses and the stories about ghosts that hide in its corners? The vintage Abercorn Street 432 house has not only the great location on the Calhoun square but also the dark history. According to Beth Dolgrer, the author of the book „Georgia spiritus and specters” the locals talk not very eagerly about this house and the histories which are connected with it. On her own blog the author writes about the conversation with a man whose friend lived in the house and suddenly disappeared in mysterious circumstances. Its history starts even earlier, in 1868. The owner was the American Civil War veteran, gen. Benjamin J. Wilson. After her wife died, he took care of the child on his own. He forbid her daughter to play with the children from the Massey school (operates to this day and is one of the oldest in Savannah) placed on the other side of the street. When one day the child broke the rule, he became furious. He tied her to the chair and placed her at the window. After some time she got the heatstroke. The girl was so dehydrated that she died. The death of the veteran took place sometime later. Since that day in the window of the room where the daughter of the general was kept, can be seen her face. What is more, on the wall of the building, next to the right window of the room, the can be seen also the face of the father of the little one…

The next spectacular drama was set in 1959. A family from Florida came here to visit friends. The married couple had four daughters. When the adults went out in the evening the children were murdered. Three bodies were found. Only the youngest girl survived. The mystery is being unsolved to this day. It is interesting that the way the girls were murdered reminds of the murder of the prostitutes from London done by the infamous Jack the Ripper.…

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