Spain – 3 incredible cities, about which you could not know

Spain from years attract tourists thirsty of sun, beaches, excellent cuisine, sangria and leisure. The most often selected places for holidays are not too big resorts in Catalonia or Andalusia and cities – among Barcelona, Malaga and Girona. We don’t cross border of locality in which we have a hotel and we don’t visit the vicinity. It’s a pity cause near you can often find cities which are able to captivate by history or wonderful architecture.

Besalú, Catalonia

Undoubtedly, the most popular cities of Catalonia are Barcelona and Girona. However, being a few days earlier in that part of Spain it is worth to go to  Besalú – not too big town situated by the river  Fluvià. The impression is that time stopped here although centuries ago. It does not mean that locality is neglected – conversely. The vintage buildings which majority come from X-XII century., are restored and make an impression on each traveling person. It is worth to get lost in mysterious streets and feel the climate of that wonderful town. The most characteristic objects in  Besalú is fortified bridge from XII century., mikvah, which ruins were discovered in 1964 year and Romanian church Sant Pere, consecrated in 1003 year.

Frigiliana, Andalusia

The city Frigiliana is situated in Andalusia province about 10 km from Nerjy and about 50 km from Madrid. That is the one of  pueblos blancos what means „white cities” which you can find in this region. However Frigiliana compared with the regional cities is really special. The maze of cobblestone streets which lead between painted in white houses with red roofs and a lot of flowers make that you don’t want to leave that place. The buildings are attracted by painted in different colors doors and decorated balconies. It is not surprise that authorities of towns got a lot of prizes for caring about beauty of their locality.

Sóller, Majorca

Majorca is associated mainly with all the resorts with filled hotels and with Palma – the capital of Island. However it is situated here town too which definitely differs from nature of Majorca – it is 14-thousands  Sóller, situated in picturesque valley on North-Eastern Island’s coast. Tourists find here a lot of monuments, museums or cafeterias serving delicious sweetness – majority of those places are situated in the centre on the Constitution Square. We also can not forget about vintage queue from 1913 year which connects  Sóller with Palma. On the whole route are fantastic sights and in addition not too big villages and citrus fruit orchards.

The most popular way to visit the cities is a road trip in Spain.

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