Suitcase buyer’s guide

Proper wheeling

Unfortunately, wheels on a suitcase are a common source of regular problems. Some of the most popular models have either a two-wheel, or a four-wheel system. The mechanism should be an integrated part of the suitcase – not just clipped on.

Instead of artificial rubber or plastic wheels, it is advised to opt ones made of real rubber. They are usually quite big and rotate in various directions with ease. By definition, four-wheeled suitcases are best for heavy lifting.

The chasis

The market is saturated with solid, half-solid and soft luggage. The first kind is the most resistant, but also most stiff. They can withstand as much as a couple of hundred kilograms of pressure. Soft suitcases are in turn made of textiles. They have the huge plus of being incredibly elastic, which helps make room for a lot of items.

Important parameters

Before buying a suitcase, it is important to measure its dimensions, volume and weight. Those parameters are incredibly vital while flying, during which you need to fit in with the rules of the airlines. When it comes to size, suitcases are usually divided into small, medium-sized and big suitcases. Small ones are usually used as hand luggage and cannot surpass 55 cm of height, 40 cm of width and 20 cm of depth. The weight is also quite crucial. A middle-sized piece of luggage can weigh between 3 and 6.5 kilograms.

Proper security

An appropriate security system allows us not to worry about the content of our luggage. A password-equipped lock is the most common and effective solution on the market. It is especially useful while travelling to the United States, where the airport staff has the right to open and search through your luggage even without receiving permission from the owner. If the suitcase is equipped with a regular lock, airport security will not hesitate to simply cut it in half.

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