Sydney – 3 places which you must see

The smallest continent and at the same time the biggest island in the world, it is the home to the biggest number of the animal species which occur only in this one place. And although the nature in Australia is breathtaking the cities also make a huge impression. The most popular and by many considered as the most beautiful is Sydney. It is also the place where the history of Australia began, the history which we can discover today. In the modern metropolis live over 4 millions of people from 100 countries of the whole world.

The Opera House

Today it is a symbol of Sydney and one of the most recognizable buildings around the world. But when it was being built it was a controversial one, even reluctance. The 1957 contest for the project of the building of the opera house brought about 230 propositions from 32 countries. The most complicated won at the same time being the most original, the project by Jorn Utzon – not known at this time Danish architect. The inspiration for him where the sails of the yachts harboring in the Sydney port and the building itself was to become to link between the city and the sea. The plans were grand but nothing indicated that Utzon would create the icon of the architecture and the city symbol. The building process started in 1959, it was opened in 1973 and the opera house was listed on the UNESCO list in 2007. Outside the building is different from every side. There are many restaurants and cafes in the vicinity where the locals and tourists spend time.

The Harbour Bridge

For many years it was the visual symbol of the city but after years it lost its status in favor of the opera house. The Harbour Bridge was stretched on the Port Jackson harbor in 1932. It joined the northern and the south part of the city making the independent route for the citizens apart from the ferry. Built from the steel, concrete and granite, is one of the longest single-span road bridges in the world (1150 m long), and because of the characteristic arched shape it gained the name of the ,,coat hanger”. The brave ones can climb on the very peak of the bridge. Bridge Climb is a very popular local attraction. We start a journey with a guide in a group of a few. The cost is about 200 Australian dollars.

The Circular Quay

The important communication point of Sydney is the Circular Quay. Here we have a metro station, here the buses start their route and the ferries come – many citizens prefer to use them because of the traffic jams it is easier to get by water to some places. And on the Circular Quay arrive people who have just come to Sydney. After getting out of the metro station they see the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Here we can get to know the substitute of the native Australia citizens because the stay here without even trying to know the Aboriginal culture would not be full. Next to the Circular Quay every day we can meet the Aborigines – they play the didgeridoo, sell colorful boomerangs and make photos with the tourists for money.

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