The secrets of New Zealand

Bride of one hundred lovers, Landfall of Thousand Miracles and Peak which crosses clouds are just a few incredible places founded on the picturesque Island of Pacific Ocean.

New Zealand is Island country situated in the South-West Atlantic Pacific featuring with two Islands – The North one and The South. It is a fascinate country of mountains, perpetual green woods, hot sources and active volcano.

Tamaki Makau Rau

This is how Maoris call Auckland (ethnic group of New Zealand) which in their languages means „the bride of one hundred lovers”. The town of North Island is situated at the foot of dormant volcano Eden on a narrow neck Tamaki surrounded by sea rises delight not only by picturesque location but also by a lof of greenery and nice buildings. Auckland is the largest town of New Zealand and today there are over one million people living here what means 1/3 inhabitants of Island. Here is Sky Tower counting 328 meters, the highest building in country which is a part of entertainment. There is also casino, theater, hotel and numerous cafes and restaurants.
On the South Island there are South Alps with the highest top the Mountain of Cook (3464 m n.p.m) called by Maoris Aoraki what means „that which breaks the clouds”. On its slopes before gaining Mount Everest was training Edmund Hillary. The Cook Mountain is covered by Tasman glacier, the biggest glacier of south hemisphere which has 29 kilometers in length, 3.2 kilometers in width and over 600 meters of thick. Thanks to the airport in near village there is possibility of admiring an incredible vicinity from bird’s eye. Only the sight from plane or helicopter highlights the power of glacier. By visiting National Park of Cook Mountain you can also rent a boat and sail through glacial lake with quite strange color which stem from flours.
The least known part of New Zealand, the virgin scenery, one of the wildest area in the world – it is exactly Fiordland. It is the largest national park in the country which enchants by majestic mountains, beautiful lakes, snow-white glaciers and the deepest fjords in the world. That picturesque and highly mysterious vicinity (there are places where the human foot has never stand) called often The Land of Thousand Miracles.

The New Zealand enchants. The glaciers, mountain range, active volcano, hot sources, virgin territories, icy lakes and endless green woods. That all is situated on two Islands in the middle of Pacific. It is a country in which we can meet practically every kind of landscape, in one word: paradise.

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