The West Coast of Australia – what I worth to see?

The West Coast of Australia is being wrongly overlooked during the journey to that country. It is worth to spend a few days for visiting that part of country in view of incredible climate which is there. The West Australia is the biggest state on the mainland which is situated over the Indian Ocean. There is remarkably dry climate because of that the bigger part of area are deserts and semi-deserts. Apart from the sandy landscape, the west coast is also numerous ravines, extensive beaches and charming rivers. An average temperature in summer is even 30 degrees and in winter it is about 10 degrees.

The journey to The West Australia is worth to start from the capital of state – Perth. Town takes fourth place in Australia in terms of population. In that area live around 2 millions of people and it is 2/3 peopling of West Australia. It is the most isolated town in the world. From the nearest bigger town is almost 3000 km. Despite this level of life in that metropolis is very high. Researches carried out in 2015 show that Perth falls in the first ten of the best cities where to live worldwide (it takes 8 position) This ranking pay attention of 30 factors among others in scope an environment, health, education, labor market and security. Apart from people who are looking for a good paid job, Perth brings crowds of students who lures a good education system but also rich touristic offer.

Through Perth flows the picturesque river Swan, which looks the most beautiful by night, perfectly composing with modern skyscrapers. The town is known from beautiful beaches, doing water sports and also with numerous cafes and restaurants serving local seafood. To the most interesting attractions belongs Kings Park where we can admire characteristic Australian flora. From the Park goes a wonderful sight at the whole town. To interesting places which is worth to see belong Round House or Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin. The interesting thing is that Perth is still works as the oldest mint in the country.

During visiting the West Australia it is worth to go to National Park Nambung. You can see there not only characteristic for Australia kangaroos or emu but also many reptiles and birds. That place also delights by rich flora as colorful flowers, eucalyptus, grasses and moors. The half of the park is famous desert named Pinnacles, where there are limestone cones about high of even 5 meters which is dated for even 30 thousand of years.

Another park which is worth to see is National Park Purnululu which is situated in region named Kimberly and it is on the world list of heritage UNESO. The area includes mountain range Bungle Bungle. We can admire here incredible rock formations created from sandstone (which by the specific shape remind beehives), and also rock paintings leaved by Aboriginals. In region of Kimberly situated is also a small town Broome which is known from pearl fishing. Performing that job is very dangerous and because of that in town there is cemetery of Japanese divers.

From Australia you can’t drive out without trying diving. The best place for this entertainment will be Coral Reef Ningaloo. It has 260 km in length and it is inhabited by numerous species of corals, mussels and fishes. This region is often visited by whale sharks and also by dolphins and humpback whales. Beside colorful reef the coast is known from also extensive beaches. One of the most famous is Monkey Mia where to the shore swim dolphins and on the sand are pelicans. However, this is not a place where dream about swimming with dolphins will come true because in this area we can’t swim. Famous place is also Shark Bay, Shark’s Bay, you can see here not only sharks but also stingrays, dolphins or enormous jellyfishes. Next beach which you really need to see is Shell Beach which is Sea Shell Beach. Beside the sand there are only shells which layer in some places is even 10 meters!
The West Australia is a place good place to see. Modern metropolis, painting landscapes, beautiful beaches, diverse fauna and flora are inseparable part of Australia’s panorama which charms you just need to see!

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