To Canada only after the registration

Since March 15th 2016 until flight to Canada it is necessary to registrate by the internet and make the payment. The new terms will be applicable for travelers who don’t need Canadian visa.

Without Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) no Trespassing on the plane. If you want to get it you need passport, credit card and email adress. At once obtained eTA will be valid by five years or till the end of passport’s availability (if the passport is valid shorter than 5 years) which is being used during registration and taking it for travel. Registration processing has to last for a few minutes. If a thing is more complicated, Canadian immigration sevices will be contacting by email within three days.

If you want to get eTA you need availability to the internet from any kind of device. On the showing site visa to enter Canada [] it is necessary to fill in the form. Credit card or Prepaid card (American Express, MasterCard or Visa) will be needed for paying 7 Canadian dollars of handling fee. Confirmation of obtainment eTA should come to the given email adress.

From previous information of Canadian government it was resulted that proposal about eTA may be declined if in Canadian databases is information that the particular person made a crime.

Electronic registration is not needed for American citizens. About the status should care students and temporary employees in Canada. If they reveived a consent to studies or work before 1st August 2015, they have to apply for eTA if they of course want to travel.

People who will be driving by a car to Canada what means in practice from Usa area and those who are traveling by sea way don’t need to registrate.

About eTA is better to apply until flight reservation.

Accepted in 2014 changes in regulations have purpose to increase security and are copy of American solutions.

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