Train travel – tips

For those not used to taking public transport for more than an hour, I have constructed this miniguide:

  • Prepare some really comfortable clothing (the type that’s great to sleep in. Lightweight shoes should be a part of the set, and during the journey it is advised to simply take them off a few minutes after entering the wagon.
  • Have a neatly packed backpack. I usually bring a regular school rucksack and fill it with items useful during travel, which are this way easily and quickly accessible.
  • Bring something to eat and drink with you. The more the better – unless you wish to suffer for the following hours. After all, you will be spending the best part of a day in the train, and normally in that time you would of course have at least one meal. Naturally, it is not as much of a necessity when it comes to night trains.
  • Remember to prepare a lot of reading material. It is important to take the return trip into account, too. Personally, I like to sometimes bring a newspaper and, throughout the journey, swap it with other passengers’ broadsheets. Again, night trips don’t really require as much entertainment, but still – a novel or newspaper can always come in handy.
  • It’s always great to have some kind of audio player, such as an mp3-player or a Walkman. It is the single most important thing I take with me. Just don’t boast too much about it to others – you never know when it comes to people.
  • If you’re about to take a night train, do not bother to sleep a lot before the journey. It is much healthier to sleep on the train than waste time on rest during the convention. If you’re worried about your safety, well – it is a matter of perspective, a lot to talk about. Personally, I try to sleep as much as I can during train trips, especially at night.
  • The ticket and documents such as a student card are best kept in a place with easy access. You never know when you need to show them, so it is best not to have to take too long and go through a long process of finding all the necessary paperwork – just take it all out at once, present it and swiftly put it out. It has another benefit – you are not forced to show the contents of your wallet to your co-travelers.
  • Get app with Train Running Status to always know where it is.

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