Trekking in the Himalayas


Let’s evaluate properly the strength on our intentions after the whole year spent in job at the desk, trekking in Nepal will not be the best idea for accelerated homecoming to shape. However if you regularly practice sport, a few day outgoings to the mountains give you pleasure and you want more – Nepal can be a bull’s eye! The average time of daily wandering during trekking takes usually 4-8 hours and the highest point on the route to which we are going to is the most often about 3200-5400 m.a.s.l

The optimal time for Trekking in Himalayas in Nepal

The optimal time you should spend in Nepal is about 3 weeks. In this time you will be able to realize the attractive trekking route with no rush and you can visit the most important points of Nepal (for example 13-15 day trekking around Annapurna + Pokhara + visiting the Kathmand and its nearby + for example rafting).

If you don’t have chances to get a 3-week holidays there are also shorter alternatives (for example trekking for 6-11 days in region of Annapurna). The rush is not conducive with good acclimatization and that is why it is worth to put on time margin and while being on the trail, observing your organism and adjust the pace to its rhythm.

The team

The one of the most important element of all travels with smaller or bigger scale is proper assortment of mountain partners. The following rule applies to trekking. Going to the mountains with the mate is always safer independently from direction we choose.

The numerous group normally move slower; it is also harder to make unanimous decisions or to find a lodging in the same object. Therefore it will be comfortable to move in a team of 2-4 persons.


If you will decide to organize the whole travel by your own, the final price will be lower than in case of complex organization by its agency. However the solution like that requires more time and we need to do detailed research. – Customize the manner of organization to your preferences.

In any case it is worth to calculate the total budget before traveling considering the costs like among others:

  • main flight to Katmand and return,
  • eventual additional flight by smaller plane (for example Katmand – Lukla concerning trekking to Everest BC or Jomson – Pokhara concerning trekking Annapurna Circuit),
  • Nepali visa: about. 40$
  • unnecessary permission for entry to the park, „permity” (starting from dozens to several hundred USD depending on if we are going to stay by trekking route or we are going to the top of the mountain 6000 m+)
  • if we have with ourselves hard equipment we can consider renting of porter for 15-20$/per day (+ a tip),
  • the costs of accommodation and alimentation (on the trekking routes we are sleeping on lodgy, guest houses, there we are eating) from a few to several hundred USD/per day depending on region and the height (the most popular and the same the most expensive region is Sagarmatha National Park – concerning for example trekking to Everest BC),
  • stay in Kathmand (accommodation in hostel in multi-purpose room for about 8-10$, a little bit better hotel in exclusive room for about 15-25 $ per day).
  • rides, monuments, additional attractions etc.

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