Turkey – a sunken airplane as touristic resort’s attraction

Turkish Kusadasi has gained a new, very unusual tourist attraction. At the edge of town, the hull of the passenger Airbus A300 aircraft was sunk. It attracts diving enthusiasts. The first daredevils have already checked how the wreck is presenting on the seabed. If you ever will be near Kusadasi you also have the option to rent a car and go there, becouse it is worth.

In Turkish resorts, smaller planes have been sunk before for the same purpose. However, airbus is the first such a large facility on the sea floor. The plane is 54 m long, with a wingspan of 44 m. The hull immersion operation in itself was a huge attraction. It lasted over two hours and hundreds of locals and tourists were watching her. An exhausted 36-year-old plane was purchased from one of the private airlines for 82,000. euro.

Kusadasi is a well-known resort in the Aydin province, on the Aegean Coast. It is famous for its beautiful beaches and numerous sights. 20 km from the city is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Turkey – remnants of the ancient city of Ephesus. Unfortunately due to the fear of tourists from terrorist attacks, the authorities of the Turkish province of Aydin reported a significant decrease in the number of visitors. But don’t give up. Hence the idea to sink the wreck of the Airbus A300 and thus create the largest diving center for tourists in the region. The machine is expected to attract diving enthusiasts on coral reefs. Under the water will behave like a reef, becoming a magnet for underwater fauna and flora.

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