What is a Photography Tour all About ?

Photography tours are a great opportunity to learn and produce extraordinary new photos.

The journey towards a new latitude has many advantages, the most obvious is certainly the unique experience of the journey and its cultural immersion.

I personally have had amazing photographic opportunities while on the road. In a recent trip abroad, I was not only able to take very unique street snapshots of the locals and their daily habits, but I was also able to explore their culture by their architecture and cuisine.

It’s a no brainer, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

I particularly like this since it allows you to connect more closely with the subjects and environment you’re capturing through your lens.

The other fantastic thing about a Photography tour is the shared experience with your guides and fellow photographers.
More likely than not, your trip companions want to experience and enjoy the trip as much as you do. That enhances the overall experience and makes everyone more focus on the enjoyment, immersion and the learning process of the trip.

I have enjoyed and cherished my photo tours and journeys to many continents. I have the photos as my itinerary stored in my computer as well as prints, but more important, I can re visit those places and amazing locations year after year remotely. I re live those photo trips once again.

If you’re an avid photographer and are considering the experience I can’t strongly suggest it enough. A photographic tour changes you in more ways that you might think. The increased technical knowledge you obtain from it is well worth the trip, but the most important aspect of it, in my humble experience, has to do with the cultural immersion and connection you develop while traveling to a foreign culture.

May you experience safe travels and great photos. That’s what it’s all about.


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