What is the best way to get quality backlinks for a travel blog?

The Google algorithm is based on links and content of page, even oftener in that domain the main role play topic links. The more links from other pages associated thematically with our page the better they are translate on a higher position in SERPach. How to create backlinks for my travel blog? Where do I get free backlinks for travel blog? Few methods:

  1. Links from comments

    I started to write comments on tourists blogs leaving my link. Unfortunately majority of comments has the attribute no follow what slightly impact on increasing the position in Google. The following method is time-consuming.

  2. Guests Posts

    I have started collaboration with other bloggers by sharing them an article to publication with link on their travel blogs. Such a collaboration is quite good but I prefer to public contents on my blog by building the same „site” and increasing the visibility in Google search.

  3. I bought links on page about travel subject.

    I also used the service https://www.automaticbacklinks.com/ which give a possibility of buying the topic links on editor’s pages. I got a lot of good quality links from pages and travel blogs for just a few dollars thanks to that method. The whole process is very simple and buying of links will take you literally 5 minutes. While I was using the service I also used the rebate discount coupon -10% on topic links with which I would like to share with you and you can use it during buying points. The discount code is: TR10DISCOUNT.

And what are your methods for getting the topic travel links?

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