What is worth to see on Fiji?

Everyone imagines that Fiji is made of coral islands looking at the azure ocean, beach with a sand white as snow and intimate hotels on which the coconut palms lean. All of this is there and even many, many more.

Citizens of Fiji eating with appetite their beaten enemies earned the reputation of being cruel and bloodthirsty. It is really unbelievable that within 200 years they changed radically. Today they are believed to be the nicest nations of the world.

„Bula, bula” – with this shout the tourists coming out of the plane are being welcomed. They are dressed with colorful skirts, hibiscus flowers in their hair. Every comer gets a flower and the necklace made of shells. A word „bula” means in Fijian ,,how are you”. It is being answered also ,,bula”. It is a key word using commonly and on every occasions. After a few moments spent in this country everyone is laughing and shouting „bula”.

The first European who saw the Islands during his trip to Indonesia was Abel Tasman – the same who discovered Tasmania. It was in 1643. The cannibalism was officially banned on the islands, when they became the Englishmen territory – in 1874. The today’s ethnic mix is because of them, about half are the descendants of the Hindus brought for work on the cane plantations. Year 1970 when Fiji became the independent member of the British Commonwealth Of Nations ended the colonial past.

The history of the islands can be better understood by the visit in the Fiji Museum in Suvi, the capital of the city. One of the most interesting exhibits are shoes of the Reverend Thomas Baker. This missionary – Methodist – was converting the natives to the Christianity. His mission ended when one of the local leaders liked his comb. The leader borrowed it and carried it in hair. Baker, not observing the rule that the leader’s head is thought in Fiji as a saint, took the comb from it. The citizens of the village were furious, killed and ate the missionary. It was in 1867. As one of the witnesses was telling, everything was eaten except the shoes because they were to hard to eat.

Looking for a hotel it is worth to trust one of the local advertisement slogans: ,,Fiji is 333 islands, find yours”. From Nadi, where the planes land simply sail to one of the islands of the Mamanuca archipelago. You can chose from such exotic places like Treasure Island, Marine Tramps Island or Navini or Matamanoa. These are places where it is easy to feel like Adam & Eve. On purpose it is here, in the Yashawa archipelago the Blue Lagoon or Cast Away was shot. The holidays very similar to this climate can be spent on a mini island Matamanoa. The hotel on it is only 20 houses styled for the traditional Fijian huts. The only dilemma when choosing the house is if you want to have a view on the sunrise or sunset.

Children under 12 years old are not admitted to the island, of course there are many other places for a family vacation on Fiji. What can be done on Matamanoa? Time is filled with sun bathing and water bathing, beach play, sailing and diving. Similarly as in every better hotels, you don’t pay for renting the sail boat, kayaks, surfing decks and diving equipment. What is under water? The tourist lack the adjectives. Fiji coral reefs are, contrary to the Egyptian or Kenyan, totally undestroyed. To protect them there is no need for the guards – the number of beds in the hotels is limited by the numbers of divers. The beauty of corals, crustaceans, anemones and other miracles is shocking. The visibility is up to 50 meters. Such places are dozens in the archipelago.

Fiji is a popular place for getting married. A boat decorated with flowers with a wedding cortege, dressed with palm skirts warriors waving with wooden axes with faces decorated with war paintings, girls dropping flowers under the bride and groom’s feet is an ordinary situation on such a ceremony. Additionally a choir singing traditional songs. Per request as the ceremony master is – it is not a joke – a Wedding Minister.

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