What tent I should buy?

Not from today we all know how very valuable and useful element of outgoing equipment is a tent. Ownership of such a product can has free accommodation in the wild or with much lower costs at the campsite, particularly compared to the hotels. It is worth to know that this is a basis of our comfort and safety, that’s why we should choose checked model and model which won’t bring us troubles. Therefore, what kind of tent we should buy?

Criteria of choice

Naturally the tents are different  in respect of look, usage or producent. Before buying definite model it is worth to ask yourself a few of necessary questions. First of all we need to know for how many people the tent should be, in which conditions it will be the best and how to transport it. It is very important because one type of tent absolutely different will handle in tropical conditions, seaside or even mountain. Likewise dimensions and weight play a big role in situation while we are traveling afoot or by a bike.

The type of tourism

Choice of the tent should be dependent mainly from prefered tourism. We will find in offers from many producents also beach models, camping, trekking like expeditioning. First of them are small tents which are good for dry climate, by the sea and lake. In case of high wetness or rainfalls they don’t protect us from wetting. These are incredibly gentle models which we can pack in not too big rucksack or bag. Camping tents are bigger versions which are creating the best conditions on the campsite for all family. Frequently the are the models with a few chambers. Trekking tents are definitely the most popular which are created with thinking about afoot travels or bike travels. They stand out by smaller sizes and not too big weight and also increased water resistance. The are also easy in spreading. The last category – expeditioning tents are buying because of long travels or extreme conditions. They are useful especially in winter in mountains. These tents are the most wind, temeperature resistant and they are also waterproof. Trekking and expeditioning tents can additionaly divided into one-season or year-round. Their price, size, building and wage of the concrete model will be determined by their purpose.

How many tent coatings?

When you are going to choose a tent important is to know how many coatings it has. It will have impact on protection from dampness. We are distinguishing one-coat and double-cout. The tents with one layer are constructed from only impregnated, waterproof sleeping part, sometimes vestibule. Water can get into the tent when it is improperly spreaded during rain or morning dew. Doublecoat tents have a waterproof tropic which in addition is being unbutton over the sleeping area. However it increases mass, price and size of that model.

Tent construction

Here also is very important to choose a tent in terms of its construction. We distinguish two overriding groups : tunnel and dome. First of it is easier construction which can remind to someone garden foils under which are cultivated vegetables. This kind of tent is based on two hoops which are bent on the bottom. On the other hand dome versions of tents have more advanced construction. Mostly they are unbutton on crossed with each other tubes which create a valut.

Choosing a pop up tent.

It is worth to say that even more success give the tents in type of Pop Up. These are versions with elastic skeleton and all activity of spreading out can last even less than one minute!

Capacity of a tent

Because of comfort and also number of people who are going to expedition, very important will be matching the tent in terms of its capacity. In the offer of manufacturers we will find  versions for 1,2,3,4 and even 8 or more people. The most popular are definitely models 1-2 and 3-4. They are perfect the same on afoot travels, bicycle travels like also car trips to camping. Version for 1 or 2 people is practically perfect for afoot trips and in hiking the mountain trails. Usually the are light and reliable models which without any troubles we can stick to the backpack. For three and four people they will be great during longer visit at the campsite. However does not mean they are useless for afoot trips or bike travels. In the second case it is better when modules of a tent are seperated by at least two members of expedition.

Tent weight

For people who choose a bike or their feet, extremely important will be weight of tent. It has not only an impact to a comfort of wearing during day on back but also for example at the airport when we can’t exceed the weight of registered baggage. There are tent which are produced and have weight of barely kilogram but they can also have a dozen times more. Everything is dependent on described earlier categories what means capacity, purpose and material. For people who travel a lot with rucksack it is recommended tents as light as possible because each of kilogram more is neverthless encumbrance for back, joints and bigger tiredness.


In case of choosing trekking tent , family or expeditioning waterproof which each of producent is offering foe us is very important. It is given as millimeter of water column. It concerns covers and floors and it should have at least 4000 mm. When you are going on South Europe to warm and dry countries it is enough to have a tent which has waterproof to about 1000 mm. The more wet cilmate is the more waterproof should be. During 1-2 day of rain it is important at least 2000-3000 mm what is protecting interior tent from wetting out.


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