What you should know when you are going to go under the tents?

  1. If we don’t want to feel like the scouts, we shouldn’t ride unprepared, thinking that we could find a place for bivouac anywhere. Let’s choose some larger campsite, contact with its owner and ask questions about conditions to offer. Necessarily we need to have sure if there are bathrooms with running water, how many shower cabins are there or if there are any additional costs for using electricity. If we are driving by the car we should ask for parking. I’ve learned myself to aviod places where it is possibility to drive by car – I don’t like when on the holidays loud cars and motors are waking me up constantly.
  2. If we have in plans longer stay on the campsite it is worth to ask whether the area is guarded. Often it is possible to give things to store like more expensive equipment, money and documents – what can come in handy while we want for example to go swimming. When we are taking with us children we should choose bivouacs where from 22.00 applies night silence. If we are geared to all-night parties, we should find places where we won’t disturb our neighbors.
  3. Mascara, lipsticks and lip gloss should stay at home but it is better to not forget about flashlights and mosquito remedies. The first thing which will be useful in a dark tent, second… it is necessary to survive the encounter with the swarm of insects.
    I always take karimat and sleeping bag but some people to sleep on inflatable mattresses. Remember, however the nights especially in mountains are cold – instead of elegant and sexy tshirt it is good to have warm tracksuits and thicker socks. Maybe less romantic but practic.
  4. If we have already bought the tent (necessarily waterproof, durable and stable), before a holiday trip we should at least once spread the tent in our house. Sometimes even if we have instruction by the hand it is hard to read from the picture, how to combine elements with each other. Why to getting angry while you are having a rest? It is not the way we will waste time, we will get over spreading the tent in less time. Of course, the best for the tent is the place in the shade but during storms and strong winds we shouldn’t live nearly trees. Also for safety reasons it is good to secure the links to still not stumble on it. We decided to buy a triple tent and we appreciated many times the free space – sometimes it happened that for a few hours because of bad atmospheric conditions, we were sitting closed inside.
  5. A lot of people who are going under tents are afraid of documents, money, phones and photographic equipment. Thefts happen but not that often. Just in case I always I hide my wallet in a special pocket in the sleeping bag and those more expensive things I don’ take for such holidays. The problem is gone!
  6. If we are going to one place we can take larger luggage. When we are planning to constantly moving then it is better to keep things to a minimum. Unfortunately, all what we will pack to the backpack, we will wear on the back. It is worth to hide clothes in the plastic bags – if we we will be not able to escape from the downpour it is possible we won’t drying all the stuff. Waterproof backpacks, even those more expensive, they are failing.
  7. Arriving at the campsite it is nice to know our neighbors. It is not only about politeness – if any stranger will try to come in to your tent, neighbors seeing it will probably react.
  8. Remember to never leave traces of your presence and rubbish throw to prepared containers. There are no trash can? We take all with us! So don’t burn the fire in places which are not intended to this – maybe there is waiting romantic evening but it is not difficult for tragedy.

Going to go under the tents can be romantic camping too ;).

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